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  • Ciencia, americanismo y venezolanidad
    Antolínez, Gilberto, 1908-
    In this chapter of the book Hacia el indio y su mundo, by the Venezuelan indigenous scholar Gilberto Antolínez, the author presents the ideas that inform his anthropological research, as well as his critique of the Venezuelan American tradition. In [...]
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  • Indianismo y exotismo
    Rojas, Ricardo, 1882-1957
    In “Indianismo y exoticismo,” Argentinean journalist and writer Ricardo Rojas posits that the history of Latin America can be explained as a rhythm of fluctuations between “indianismo,” the valorization of indigenous culture, and “ [...]
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  • Exorcizando o "Exoticado"
    Machado, Milton, 1947-
    Artist Milton Machado discusses the response abroad, specifically in England, to the group show Continuum Brazilian Art 1960s–1990s, held in Essex in 1995. Machado comments on the appeal of a certain “exoticism” attributed to [...]
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  • Los Disidentes y sus críticos
    Navarro, Pascual, 1923-1985
    In this article, the Venezuelan painter, Pascual Navarro, expands on some of the principles underlying the creation of the group, Los Disidentes [The Dissidents] (Paris, 1950). The article is a response to the group’s detractors, who were [...]
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  • Raíces : Sentido del film
    Gamboa, Fernando
    In this document, we find a synopsis of the prologue and the four episodes in the film Raíces [Roots], shot by the filmmaker Benito Alazraki in 1954 with Fernando Gamboa as art director. Based on four indigenous stories adapted from El diosero, by [...]
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  • Fantástico são os outros
    Amaral, Aracy A., 1930-
    This is the text of the lecture given by Aracy Amaral at the symposium presented on the occasion of the Art of the Fantastic: Latin America, 1920?1987 exhibition, in which she discusses the meaning of the term “fantastic,” particularly in the [...]
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  • In defense of the Distressed : an Argentine artist v. s. British critics
    Kemble, Kenneth, 1923-
    In this document, Kenneth Kemble writes in defense of Argentinean art and counters the negative opinions made by art criticism in Scotland on a contemporary Argentinean painting and sculpture that were shown in Edinburgh. He states his rebuttal of [...]
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  • El dibujo escolar en México y la exposición de Bruselas
    This article reviews an exhibition of children’s drawings held in Brussels, to which Mexico sent a group of works by children from official schools. The author emphasizes the great reception that the Mexican works received and he transcribes part [...]
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  • Culturas latinoamericanas : ¿culturas de la repetición o culturas de la diferencia?
    Richard, Nelly
    Nelly Richard ponders the state of contemporary art in Latin American cultures, both in terms of its circulation and regarding its frame of references. She wonders whether international themes and subjects are repeated at a local level or whether new [...]
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