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  • [Nome : Abelardo da Hora - Escultor, além de desenhista...]
    Hora, Abelardo da, 1924-
    In his testimony, the artist Abelardo da Hora (1924–2014) mixes autobiography with episodes that refer to the organization of the Sociedade de Arte Moderna (SAM) in Recife and the workshop known as the Atelier Coletivo as well as the Movimento de [...]
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  • A arte do AI-5 hoje
    Roels, Reynaldo; Santos, Joaquim Ferreira dos, 1951-
    This article contains a survey carried out on the occasion of the exhibition Depoimento de uma geração [Statement of a Generation] curated by critic Frederico Morais. The show, which took place at the Galeria de Arte Banerj in 1986, intended to [...]
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  • A personal response : to some of the twelve points posited with respect to chicano nationalism
    Sorell, V. A. (Victor A.)
    In this text, art historian and activist Victor Alejandro Sorell ponders on arguments for designating Chicano people a nation: the history of the twelfth-century Aztec homeland Aztlán, —located in the U.S. Southwest,— included; the seizure of [...]
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  • Aesthetics considerations
    Ortiz, Rafael Montanez
    In this essay, Rafael Montañez Ortiz, a United States-born artist of Puerto Rican descent, argues that Eurocentrism, patriarchy, and racism have deprecated the art and culture of peoples from the Americas, Asia, and Africa. He notes that the legacy [...]
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  • Arte no Brasil
    Amaral, Aracy A., 1930-
    Aracy Amaral states categorically that there is no Brazilian style of avant-garde art because there never were any artistic groups that were large enough or able to provide an innovative groundwork. In Amaral’s opinion, the lack of a local painting [...]
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  • Inventário do nosso feudalismo cultural
    Britto, Jomard Muniz de; Fernandes, Anchieta, 1939-; Cirne, Moacyr; Veloso, Caetano; Gil, Gilberto; Guimarães, Aristides; Marconi, Celso; ANDRADE, Marcus Vinícius de; Aranha, Carlos Antonio; Córdula, Raul, 1943-; Varela, Dailor; Gurgel, Alexis; Silva, Falves da
    This manifesto voices a radical position on Brazil and its reality, and openly opposes the picturesque vision of Brazilian culture that, perhaps unwittingly, furthers underdevelopment. The signers of the document advocate the elimination of cultural [...]
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  • Manifestos: Porque somos e não somos tropicalistas
    Britto, Jomard Muniz de; Guimarães, Aristides; Marconi, Celso
    This newspaper article on the “Manifesto tropicalista” reproduces the text of the proclamation in nine sections. It begins stating its open opposition to the generalized cultural inactivity and against syncretism and protest trends. It declares [...]
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  • O movimento da Revista Sul e a literatura catarinense
    Miguel, Salim
    In this report, the writer and journalist Salim Miguel describes (almost ten years after the fact) the movement formed by young artists and intellectuals in the state of Santa Catarina who started the magazine Sul in the late 1940s. The publication [...]
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  • O público: o exercício da liberdade
    Morais, Frederico, 1936-
    Brazilian art critic Frederico Morais bases this text on two writings on the student uprising in Paris in May 1968: “L’artiste et la société” by French critic Michel Ragon and “L’image-action de la société ou la politisation culturelle [...]
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  • Un llamamiento a las Plásticas Argentinas
    Siqueiros, David Alfaro
    David Alfaro Siqueiros explains that he is working with other painters and sculptors in Argentina and Uruguay to create a monumental visual arts movement for the masses. His goal is to remove works of art from museums, cemeteries, and private [...]
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