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  • Introduction
    Niedergang, Marcel
    In this introductory essay, French journalist Marcel Niedergang provides an overview of twentieth-century Latin American economic history. The author begins by situating Latin America within its geographic location, briefly touching on the cultures [...]
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  • [O estudo do desenvolvimento econômico dos países latino-americanos]
    Celso Furtado
    The renowned Brazilian intellectual and government minister Celso Furtado outlines an economic picture of Latin America as a whole. In his opinion, Latin America possesses great combined potential when seen from the perspective of a developmental [...]
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  • A transfiguração cultural
    Ribeiro, Darcy
    This text by the anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro establishes the following theoretical categories: “testimony-peoples,” “new peoples,” “transplanted peoples,” and “emerging peoples” as the basis for the [...]
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  • A doutrina de Monroe e a doutrina de Drago
    Oliveira Lima, Manuel de, 1865-1928
    This essay discusses and criticizes the Monroe Doctrine (1823), which although it advocated a so called protectionist policy for Latin American countries, was in fact facilitating their subjugation. The author of the essay, Manoel de Oliveira Lima, [...]
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  • Literatura e subdesenvolvimento
    Cândido, Antônio, 1918-
    This essay examines Latin American literature during two key periods. The first, up to 1930, was a period of passive awareness of the backwardness of the country, when people put great stock in the homeland and its geographical terrain, and were [...]
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  • Carta a Tucumán
    FOTIA (Labor union : Tucumán, Argentina)
    This brochure—produced by FOTIA (Federación Obrera Tucumana de la Industria Azucarera [Federation of Sugar Industry Workers of Tucumán]), the sugar workers’ guild and union, and one of the most aggressive organizations in Tucumán—was among [...]
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