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  • A America Latina : I
    Romero, Sílvio, 1851-1914
    Echoing what Manoel de Bonfim had written previously, in his 1903 book A América Latina: males de origem [832506 and 833254], Sílvio Romero attributes the “ills” of Latin America to the Iberian colonization inflicted by predatory nations like [...]
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  • A ilusão americana
    Prado, Eduardo, 1860-1901
    In this book by Paulo Prado, published two years after the ratification of the Brazilian constitution (1891)—which was based on the constitution of the United States—the writer responds to local Republican attempts to improve relations with the [...]
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  • Perspectivas da América Latina
    Veríssimo, José, 1857-1916
    This article perhaps overoptimistically heralds an “auspicious renaissance in Latin America” that was due to the publication of works by a number of Latin American authors on subjects concerning the Americas as a whole, according to the article [...]
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