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  • Orientaciones : el desnudo en el arte y en la vida
    Ospina, Eduardo, 1891- 1965
    In 1947, the Colombian Jesuit Eduardo Ospina wrote a text entitled “Orientaciones: el desnudo en el arte y en la vida” for the Revista Javeriana of Bogotá. In this article, Ospina investigates the origins of the nude, going back to its [...]
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  • Por devoción al arte
    Marín Arango, Olga
    Entitled “Por devoción al arte,” this article published on April 18, 1994 was written by Olga Marín Arango, editor of La guía, the cultural section of the Bogotá-based newspaper El Espectador. It reviews the Primer Premio del XXXV Salón [...]
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  • Civilização, religião e arte
    Freyre, Gilberto, 1900-1987
    In this text, author Gilberto Freyre recognized the integrative potential of art for its ability to gather disagreements. He points to the constant fusion of antagonistic elements in the music of Heitor Villa-Lobos, in which the erudite and the [...]
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  • La catedral y el arzobispo
    Ramírez Villamizar, Eduardo, 1923-2004
    In 1984, just a few months after Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar donated his sculpture Custodia Homenaje [Custodia Homage] to the recently restored cathedral in his hometown of Pamplona, he wrote the text now known as “La Catedral y el Arzobispo” [ [...]
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  • La anunciación : prólogo
    Correa, Carlos, 1912-1985
    Twenty-five years after the scandal caused by his painting Anunciación [Annunciation] (1941), Colombian painter Carlos Correa compiled a wide range of articles related to the case that appeared in the press during a twenty five-year period. The [...]
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