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  • IGE: Ideas en Marcha
    Mañe Garzón, Pablo, 1921-2004
    This essay about the interview by Pablo Mañé Garzón with Ángel Kalenberg, the director of the IGE (Instituto General Electric de Montevideo [General Electric Institute of Montevideo), discussing the programs carried out by the institution that [...]
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  • Lo permanente
    Guédez, Víctor
    This text, entitled “Lo permanente,” is the first of three chapters in Víctor Guédez’s book Armando Barrios: Lo permanente, lo novedoso y lo influyente on Venezuelan artist Armando Barrios. In the section “La pintura y la música,” Gué [...]
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  • John Cage : music of changes
    Dietrich, Malow
    This document shows a fragment of the score, Music of Changes, by the American composer John Cage, to be presented as an accompaniment to Gego’s environmental work, Reticulárea, in the exhibition Spielraum-Raumspiele [Play Room/Play Space] at the [...]
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  • Caranguejos com cérebro
    Science, Chico, 1967-1997; Zero Quatro, Fred
    This manifesto is divided into three sections that reflect the swamp zones [“mangues”] encircling Recife (the capital of the state of Pernambuco): (1) Mangue, the concept; (2) Manguetown, the city; (3) Mangue, the scene. (1) The text maintains [...]
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  • Arte índia
    Ribeiro, Darcy
    This essay by the anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro was published in the História geral da arte no Brasil. The essay includes the following subjects: 1. Introductions: The Indians. Art genres (art on stone, weavings, fabrics, ceramics, and music). [...]
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  • A polícia também foi ao teatro no sábado
    This newspaper article reports on the raid carried out at the Teatro Ruth Escobar, in São Paulo, on June 8, 1968, when federal police violently shut down the Iª Feira Paulista de Opinião, an event produced by the Teatro de Arena group and directed [...]
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  • O procedimento cafona
    Favaretto, Celso F. (Celso Fernando), 1941-
    This essay analyzes images of Brazil created by song writers who compose in the Tropicália style, expressing aspects of the country’s cultural past from a modern perspective. Like surrealist works—as in the case of the “Jeu du cadavre exquis [...]
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  • Sob o signo do sincretismo
    Risério, Antonio
    Antonio Risério discusses the origins of the artistic avant-garde in Bahia in the 1950s and 1960s. He notes the syncretic nature of this particular form of art that embraces everything from high culture to popular culture to mass communication. He [...]
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  • Alguns espaços culturais nacionais do agora
    Mautner, Jorge Henrique
    In this text, Jorge Mautner looks at Brazilian artists working in different disciplines (in the visual arts, music, literature, film, and theater), and the parallels between their past and present work. His thesis is that there is a liberating [...]
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  • O tropicalismo é nosso, viu?
    This article describes Tropicalism as an enigmatic and ambiguous movement. It emerged from a fusion of a number of cultural expressions and forms in the wake of the rivalry that pitted the Jovem Guarda (who were fans of British Yeah-Yeah-Yeah and [...]
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  • Acontece que êle é baiano
    Veloso, Caetano; Bar, Décio
    This article by Décio Bar is an interview with singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso; it includes a biography, as well as reflections on the turn that Brazilian culture took in the 1950s and 1960s. This was the peak of “the extremely optimistic [...]
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  • Loop, un Totgeboren kind que se mantiene vivo
    Vega, Camilo
    In this article, Camilo Vega describes the production of the television show Loop in Cali, with special editions from Bogotá, New York, London, and Paris. The magazine program was broadcast on what was called the cultural hour or cultural space of [...]
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  • The choice of electro-acoustic music in Colombia
    Reyes, Juan, 1962-
    This essay includes a chronological review of the emergence and development of electro-acoustic composition as an initial approach to the use of sound as an expressive visual art material in Colombia. Juan Reyes considers the European musical [...]
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  • Estados Alternados
    Reyes, Juan, 1962-
    In this essay Juan Reyes expresses his opinion on what the contemporary artist “should be” in countries like Colombia, and on trans-disciplinary relationships as the basis for the development of knowledge. Throughout the essay, Reyes repeatedly [...]
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  • [There are no aspects of the prodigy in me...]
    Almaraz, Carlos, 1941-1989
    This document is a short handwritten entry from the journal of Carlos Almaraz. He begins with a discussion of how his art should be a product of daily practice. He then comments that his aim is to achieve a sense of poetry in his work but at a visual [...]
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  • Huellas: avanzada estética por la liberación nacional
    Sánchez, Juan, 1954-
    Curator and artist Juan Sánchez compares colonialism to an epidemic that causes physical and mental harm. He maintains that the will of the Puerto Rican people to survive colonial oppression is manifested in their culture. Quoting from the writings [...]
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  • 3. Salão da Pro Arte = 3. Jahres-Kunstausstellung der Pro Arte
    Heuberger, Theodor
    This text is the monthly bulletin of the Sociedade Pro Arte which includes the list for the catalogue of works presented at the III Salão da Pro Arte, a few of which it reproduces within. The following artists participated in the exhibition: Alberto [...]
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  • [Letter] 1927 Sep. 4, Paris [to] Tarsila [and to] Oswald de Andrade, Brasil
    Villa-Lobos, Heitor
    The erudite music composer Heitor Villa-Lobos wrote a letter to a couple also staying in Paris, Oswald de Andrade and Tarsila do Amaral. He comments on the difficulties involved in presenting different types of art produced in Brazil as [what is] “ [...]
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  • Soy loco por ti, América
    Capinan, José Carlos; Gil, Gilberto
    The author declares his love for Latin America, which is portrayed as a lover whose color is white foam and whose sky is a flag. Soy loco por ti [I’m Crazy About You] talks about a (nameless) country distinguished by its features (rivers, stars, [...]
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  • Talleres de arte actual del círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid
    Le Parc, Julio
    Julio Le Parc’s text details the experience that took place in the workshops at Madrid’s Círculo de Bellas Artes [Fine Arts Circle], which included the work of an artist in charge of thirty pupils, recorded by a university art history student [...]
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  • [La escuela de Artes de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba y la Bienal Americana de Arte invitan a Ud. …]
    This is the invitation to the First Experimental Music Workshops, held at the Cine Centro República on October 12, 15, 16, and 19, 1966, as part of the 3rd Latin American Art Biennial in city of Córdoba, Argentina [...]
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  • Sobre algunas interferencias entre las artes
    Dorfles, Gillo, 1910-
    This is a text that analyzes the interferences among the arts. It relates music to painting by noting, in the first place, the correspondence between the application of the tonal scales and the laws of perspective to be followed between dodecaphony [...]
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  • Notas musicales : la consagración de un músico mediocre : Honneger
    Paz, Juan Carlos, 1897-1972
    The article constitutes a written critique to a text published in Revista del Pueblo nº 8 (linked to the Boedo group) by Leónidas Barletta, about Swiss composer Arthur Honegger’s music—which was premiered in Buenos Aires by Ernest Ansermet, [...]
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  • Percanta : escultura que dança sua propia música
    Ferrari, León, 1920-
    León Ferrari exhibits his work in Brazil, explaining the technical side of the instrument as well as the theoretical aspects of visual, auditory, and tactile relationships. He ponders some possibilities of expression in the curved lines of space, [...]
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  • León Ferrari
    Aguilar, José Roberto
    The art critic here composes a poetic account of how León Ferrari showed him the variety of ranges in his work, comparing it to the medieval construction of cathedrals, and evaluating how the representation of motion is carried out [...]
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  • Bom público para as perfomances no Sesc
    The (anonymous) critic mentions the public’s reception of León Ferrari’s performances. The writer of this text discusses both the instrument sculpture — the inverted pendulum — and the music, which the artist himself describes as non- [...]
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  • Campo de Agramante : Algo más acerca de-: “La consagración de un músico mediocre: Honneger”
    Paz, Juan Carlos, 1897-1972
    This article continues the controversy between Leónidas Barletta and Juan Carlos Paz regarding the music of Swiss composer Arthur Honegger, which had debuted in Buenos Aires under the conductor Ernest Ansermet, of the Suisse Romande orchestra. The [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 738946

  • Evolución en la expresión de la danza
    Kuni, Masami
    Masami Kuni believed that dance had not yet developed its own method of expression. In this article the Japanese choreographer proposes a concrete form of dance, consisting of non-figurative movements and with no specific meaning, such as he had [...]
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  • Carta abierta de H. J. Koellreutter
    Koellreutter, Hans Joachin, 1915-2005
    Hans-Joachim Koellreutter wrote this letter from Teresópolis, Brazil, in August 1950. In it, the German-Brazilian composer mentions the research he is doing, exploring new relationships between sounds that will lead to a Madí style of music [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 731941

  • Hacia una música invencionista
    Lozza, Raúl
    Programmatic document by Raúl Lozza that establishes the structural grounds for Inventionist music, which is based on the succession of parallel sounds. At the same time, Lozza highlights the differences with respect to the “decadent” music [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 731568

  • ¿Qué es nueva música?
    Paz, Juan Carlos, 1897-1972
    Juan Carlos Paz defines New Music and that which contributes efficacious elements and solutions and points out the importance of the rise of dodecaphony for these new proposals. He stresses that dodecaphony is responsible for the experimentation [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 730576

  • Música atemática y música microtonal
    Paz, Juan Carlos, 1897-1972
    This article points out the importance of the microtonal writing system developed by Alois Hába, who Juan Carlos Paz believed was continuing Arnold Schönberg’s contributions to atonal composition; the rupture with tonality; and the twelve-tone [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 730561

  • Fundamentos para una música elementarista
    Werbin, Matilde
    This article discusses the advantages of musical composition that uses the twelve-tone system which is based on the objective properties of tones. According to Werbin, this tonal method allows composers to arrange the basic elements of music in [...]
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