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  • Cinema : trajetória no subdesenvolvimento
    Gomes, Paulo Emílio Salles, 1916-1977
    In this text, writer and film critic Paulo Emílio Salles Gomes analyzes the underdeveloped state of Brazilian film, the sociopolitical and economic reasons for it, and what it implies on a cultural level. In Salles Gomes’s view, this problem is [...]
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  • Cinema de Artista: 16a. Bienal de S. Paulo
    Canongia, Ligia; Freitas, Iole de, 1945-; Mejía, Adolfo, 1905-1973
    This is the script that was used to introduce the films shown at the Cinema de Artista during the sixteenth Bienal de São Paulo in 1981. The critic Ligia Canongia and the visual artist Iole de Freitas wrote what is essentially a synopsis of the [...]
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  • Digressão sobre o regionalismo a partir da questão do "ponto de vista"
    Xavier, Ismail
    In “Regarding Regionalism According to a Specific ‘Point of View’”—chapter four of his doctoral thesis on the work of Glauber Rocha—Ismail Xavier analyzes the process that the filmmaker uses to bypass the concept of regionalist fiction [...]
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  • O Freud de Cascadura
    Duarte, B. J. (Benedito Junqueira)
    Benedito Junqueira Duarte arranges the scattered memories of his cinematographic career in his book Caçadores de Imagens. In the chapter “The Freud of Cascadura,” Duarte mentions that the Primer Clube de Cinema in São Paulo was started in the [...]
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  • Opinião... opinião... Opinião...
    Pedrosa, Mário
    Mário Pedrosa discusses the exhibitions Opinião 65 and Opinião 66, explaining that these (“opinion”) events were not simply opportunities to showcase the latest thing in contemporary art. Pedrosa notes that the selection—based on the popular [...]
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  • Raíces : Sentido del film
    Gamboa, Fernando
    In this document, we find a synopsis of the prologue and the four episodes in the film Raíces [Roots], shot by the filmmaker Benito Alazraki in 1954 with Fernando Gamboa as art director. Based on four indigenous stories adapted from El diosero, by [...]
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  • Rumo à imagem sintética
    Machado, Arlindo
    In this article, the author claims that the emergence of video art prompted a reversal of figurative expectations in the field of technical images. Heavily influenced by a Renaissance approach to visual expression (based on a monocular geometric [...]
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  • Uma estética da fome
    Glauber Rocha
    Cinema Novo director Glauber Rocha forcefully presents this article about “hunger” as the “nerve” of Latin American society. The fact of its strong sentiment makes it seem less inevitable. In Europe, cultural work that emerges from the [...]
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