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  • A arte do fantástico
    Vieira, José Geraldo, 1897-1977
    The art critic José Geraldo Vieira reviews the history of Surrealism and mentions Hieronymus Bosch, Albrecht Dürer, and William Hogarth, among others. In the critic’s opinion, these artists created a “cosmogony of the absurd” centuries ahead [...]
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  • A nova gravura de Juazeiro do Norte
    Carvalho, Gilmar de
    This essay, which appeared in the catalogue produced with research support from Gilmar de Carvalho, introduced A Nova Gravura de Juazeiro do Norte, the exhibition curated by Dodora Guimarães at the Centro Cultural da Abolição in Recife (November [...]
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  • Desenho gráfico popular : catálogo de matrizes xilográficas de Juazeiro do Norte - Ceará
    Carvalho, Gilmar de
    This is the catalogue for the collection of templates, pamphlets, albums, and other material printed from woodcuts that Gilmar de Carvalho donated to the Coleção de Artefatos ditos Populares at the IEB-USP (Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros da [...]
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  • Gravura: depoimento de Lygia Pape
    Pape, Lygia
    In this article Lygia Pape discusses her work with woodcut blocks, and explains that prints produced using this technique must reflect their essentially graphic nature. She acknowledges her guiding principles, such as a respect for the texture of the [...]
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