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  • Teseo : Los Problemas del Arte : Eduardo Dieste. Editorial Losada. Buenos Aires
    Luisi, Clotilde, 1882-1969
    “CL” (probably Clotilde Luisi) discusses Teseo, los problemas del arte, the new book by the critic Eduardo Dieste. In the 1920s Dieste did an outstanding job of introducing modernist art criticism and acting as a unifying cultural agent, founding [...]
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  • Arte simple : por Cipriano Santiago Vitureira, Editorial Nueva América
    Del Cioppo, Atahualpa
    The author discusses Arte simple, the recently published book by Cipriano Santiago Vitureira. The Uruguayan columnist notes Vitureira’s poetic sensitivity, and expresses his conviction that art can drive social change. Atahualpa del Cioppo does not [...]
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  • Introduction = Introducción
    Manrique, Josefina; Huizi, María Elena
    María Elena Huizi and Josefina Manrique wrote the introduction to the book Sabiduras y otros textos de Gego / Sabiduras and Other Texts by Gego that includes a selection of the artist’s previously unpublished manuscripts. The two [...]
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  • John Lange : Armar un libro
    This unsigned interview with Venezuelan designer John Lange, focuses on his production of books, from limited-edition artists’ books to large-run industrial editions. Lange mentions what he considers his most important books and explains the [...]
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  • Aguariacuar : la partida
    Jiménez, Maritza, 1956-
    The journalist Maritza Jiménez reviews the presentation of a book-sculpture that includes prints by Lihie Talmor and poems by the Venezuelan writer Edda Armas. Jiménez describes how the book was conceived and created by Talmor with support from [...]
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  • Imposibilia
    Armas Alfonzo, Alfredo, 1921-
    Alfredo Armas Alfonzo wrote the introduction to Imposibilia, the book by the Venezuelan designers Gerd Leufert and Nedo Mion Ferrario. In his essay, Armas Alfonzo discusses the impossible worlds suggested by writers, such as Franz Kafka, and artists [...]
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  • Variaciones sobre reticuláreas : una comunión de artistas para celebrar a Gego
    Jiménez, Maritza, 1956-
    In this review, Maritza Jiménez discusses Variaciones sobre Reticuláreas [Variations on Reticuláreas], the book of poems by Alfredo Silva Estrada, illustrated with five of Gego’s drawings. Jiménez reports that the book, designed by Gerd Leufert [...]
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  • The gifts of arts teaching equipment by the Carnegie Corporation.
    Lester, Robert
    Thanks to the work of Professor Walt Dehner, the Carnegie Corporation, through its secretary Robert Lester, donated a valuable collection of books, 1,800 reproductions of artworks, and equipment for teaching art to the Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR [...]
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  • [Letter] 1964 Abril, Roma [to] León [Ferrari]
    Alberti, Rafael, 1902-1999
    Rafael Alberti wrote about having mailed the calligraphy proofs for “our” Escrito en el aire [Our Writing in the Air]; the drawings had not been sent yet, because, in his opinion, an adjustment to achieve the exact tone was needed: an informal [...]
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  • [Letter] 1964 Julio 3, México D. F. [to] Julio Scherer García
    Siqueiros, David Alfaro
    In 1964, journalist Julio Scherer García received the manuscript of David Alfaro Siqueiros’s autobiography. Three years earlier, in 1961, Scherer García had gone to Lecumberri Prison and managed to obtain some 387 pages. Siqueiros asked him to [...]
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  • [Letter] 1964 Febrero 8, Roma [to] León [Ferrari]
    Alberti, Rafael, 1902-1999
    Rafael Alberti proposes Escrito en el aire [Written in the Air] as the title of the book, and tells Ferrari about the publishing arrangements being made in Italy. He mentions the friends in Milan who will deliver the special edition [...]
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  • [Letter] 1968 Enero 23, Castelar [to Leopoldo] Maler
    Ferrari, León, 1920-
    León Ferrari writes to Leopoldo Maler about Palabras ajenas [Other People’s Words], telling him where he has sent the book and mentioning that Inda Ledesma might produce a stage version in Buenos Aires. Ferrari comments on the repression of [...]
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  • [Letter] 1967 diciembre 26, Castelar [to] Raúl Escari
    Ferrari, León, 1920-
    León Ferrari discusses certain aspects of the press coverage of his book, Palabras ajenas [Other People’s Words]. He writes about the artistic milieu and the controversy stirred up by artists in response to the Torcuato Di Tella Institute’s [...]
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  • Exposición de la actual Poesía Argentina
    This article announces the upcoming publication of the book Exposición de la actual poesía argentina (1922 –1927) [An Exhibition of Contemporary Argentinean Poetry], compiled by Pedro Juan Vignale and César Tiempo. The text also reproduces some [...]
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  • [Letter] 1964 Abril 9, Roma [to] León [Ferrari]
    Alberti, Rafael, 1902-1999
    Rafael Alberti discusses the proofs of the drawings for Escrito en el aire [Written in the Air] as well as other matters concerning the publication of the book. He mentions Ferrari’s exhibition at the Lirolay Gallery (April 1 – 15, 1964), and his [...]
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  • [Letter] 1967 diciembre 10, Moscú, República Sovietica [to] León Ferrari
    León, María Teresa; Alberti, Rafael, 1902-1999
    Rafael Alberti and his wife, María Teresa León, congratulated León Ferrari on the publication of his book Palabras ajenas [Other People’s Words] (Buenos Aires: Falbo Editor, 1967), reprinted in facsimile edition (Buenos Aires: El Aleph, 2003 [...]
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  • Prólogo : lector inteligente
    Yunque, Álvaro, 1889-
    Alvaro Yunque’s prologue points out the publication’s conditions, as well as the character of Zogoibi. Novela Humorística [Zogoibi. A Novel of Humor] in relation to Zogoibi by Enrique Larreta and other texts about the latter book [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 742010

  • [Letter] 1968 Enero 11, Buenos Aires [to] [Luis Felipe] Noé
    Noé, Luis Felipe
    Oscar Masotta wrote to Luis Felipe Noé a letter of apology for his mala fe [bad faith] and pedantería [piece of pretentiousness], and made a promise to respond, by carefully reflecting on the letter sent by Noé at the end of 1967 from New York, [...]
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  • Nota
    Grupo Editor de La Campana de Palo
    The text reports on the context of the publication of Gustavo Riccio’s Un poeta en la ciudad [A Poet in the City]. It announces the reason for the book’s selection as well as the forthcoming publications by the series Biblioteca de La Campana de [...]
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  • [Con el presente LA CAMPANA DE PALO, inicia lo que será...]
    Grupo Editor de La Campana de Palo
    The text reports on the context surrounding the publication of Zancadillas [Missteps] by Alvaro Yunque (1926) within the editorial plan of La Campana de Palo [The Wooden Bell]. It also reports on forthcoming publications as well as the reasons and [...]
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