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  • [Discurso de inauguración de la Exposición de Bellas Artes en la Celebración del Centenario]
    Marroquín Osorio, José Manuel, 1874-
    This document reproduces the speech given by priest and historian José Manuel Marroquín Osorio at the opening of the exhibition of fine arts on the occasion of the celebration of the centennial of Colombian independence—Celebración del Primer [...]
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  • A los artistas del mundo
    Allende Gossens, Salvador, 1908-1973
    This is the text of the inaugural speech given by President Salvador Allende of Chile, in which he expresses his gratitude for the donations that amassed the collection of the Museo de la Solidaridad, and agrees to maintain it. He also mentions his [...]
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  • Câmara obscura
    Plaza, Julio
    Julio Plaza introduces his exhibition Câmara Obscura, fully aware of the risks involved in translating a visual language into words. The result is a prim illustration that spills over into the spectators’ terrain. This work is a [...]
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  • El juicio de los críticos
    Romero Brest, Jorge
    The presentation of the 1964 Torcuato Di Tella Prize, written by critic Jorge Romero Brest, refers to the drawbacks of the critical discourse. Particularly because it is based on causal nexus and it does not acknowledge that what is real is hidden [...]
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  • Ensayo de Paul Klee
    Klee, Paul
    This essay includes the text of the speech given by Paul Klee as he presented his work at the Museum of Jena in 1924. Klee explained the relationship between the colors, lines, values, and so forth, of a painting based on a comparison with an image [...]
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  • Ensayo de Paul Klee
    Klee, Paul
    This article includes the text of the speech given by Paul Klee as he presented his work at the Museum of Jena in 1924, in which he discussed the plastic qualities and the content of the works. Klee referred to the importance of the dimension of the [...]
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  • Ideas y propósitos : palabras de Leoncio Martínez, en la instalación del "Círculo de Bellas Artes"
    This was a speech given by the Venezuelan humorist, caricaturist and journalist, Leoncio Martínez (Leo) (1888–1941) on September 4, 1912. The occasion for Leoncio Martínez’s speech was the opening of El Círculo de Bellas Artes [The Fine Arts [...]
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  • La cooperación de los intelectuales : Discurso pronunciado ante el congreso de Escritores y Artistas en la sesión de apertura en el Teatro de “Bellas Artes” el 17 de enero de 1937
    Laborde, Hernán
    Hernán Laborde establishes the defense of human rights and peace as a point of agreement among all the intellectual groups gathered there. With regard to art, he begins with a premise of Joseph Stalin according to which writers, and by extension [...]
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  • Manifiesto pro integración
    Plaza, Julio
    This is a manifesto by graphic artist Julio Plaza in which he proposes that art, as relating to time and space, be integrated in an objective way, into an open environment that reverberates with life. He declared that the invention of the “artistic [...]
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  • Mi vida con Siqueiros : Graciela Amador narra su vida con el pintor : La historia de un amor vivido con intensidad (Primera parte)
    Amador, Graciela
    In 1948, many years after their relationship ended, Graciela Amador tells of the events of her life with David Alfaro Siqueiros, in this article, the first in a series of four. This first article begins on January 6, 1918, when she met the painter; [...]
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  • Queremos una sociedad donde el hombre no solamente tenga más, sino sea más : Dijo el presidente Velasco en Cita de Americanistas
    Velasco Alvarado, Juan, 1910-1977
    This is the official transcript of the speech given by General Juan Velasco Alvarado, the president of the Peruvian military junta, at the closing ceremony of the thirty-ninth Congreso Internacional de Americanistas in Lima in August 1970. He used [...]
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