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  • CAL : la última vanguardia
    Cárdenas, María Luz
    Curator María Luz Cárdenas discusses the magazine CAL, which was published from 1962 to 1967. Due to the ideology and cultural characteristics of CAL, Cárdenas considers it “the last avant-garde” effort to emerge in Venezuela. Cárdenas values [...]
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  • How Come Tin-Tan?
    This document is an editorial page outlining the motivations for the creation of the magazine Tin-Tan. It cites its primary focus as addressing a critical absence in the print media of publications dedicated to the concerns of Mexican-Americans and [...]
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  • Suplemento explicativo de nuestro “Manifiesto” : a propósito de ciertas críticas
    This article defines the magazine Martín Fierro using criticism sent to Roberto Mariani in this publication; it was published by this same journal under the title “Martín Fierro y yo” [Martín Fierro and I]. His text emphasized four aspects [...]
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  • Los cinco sentidos
    This text taken from the art news section of Signo [Sign] magazine, run by the art critic Leonardo Estarico, briefly reports on the activities of Mexican painter David Alfaro Siqueiros. These activities appeared not only in Contra [Against] magazine [...]
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  • Auto - Advertencia
    Goeritz, Mathias, 1915-1990
    To present this issue of the Art Section dedicated to Las Torres de Ciudad Satélite [The Towers of the Satellite City] Mathias Goeritz wonders if anybody else—aside from some of his friends—has read the editorials of this section published as [...]
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  • Horizonte : Revista mensual de actividad contemporánea
    The magazine Horizonte [Horizon] had excellent cover designers such as Leopoldo Méndez and Ramón Alva de la Canal. Canal was the one who created this cover as well as many vignettes, all of which were very well sketched [...]
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  • Por poco que meditemos...
    From Córdoba, Argentina, the Frente [Front] editorial committee sets forth the need for a culture magazine which is dedicated to critical debate on both scientific and artistic ideas. With regard to a display of the changes at work in the world at [...]
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  • Manifiesto de “Martin Fierro” : periódico quincenal de arte y crítica libre
    Girondo, Oliverio, 1891-1967
    The text “Manifiesto de ‘Martin Fierro’” [Manifesto of Martin Fierro] shows itself to be within the general norms that were characteristic of the vanguard manifestos. It first indicates its position with respect to “the past,” then the [...]
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  • Oliverio Girondo en misión intelectual
    This article informs us that poet Oliverio Girondo “has departed to Europe…on a seminal mission of artistic and intellectual cooperation with the youth of [Latin] America and Latin Europe [sic].” Girondo mentions several publications (Martín [...]
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  • [Por segunda vez, ante la numerosa indiferencia de los muchos...]
    Borges, Jorge Luis, 1899-1986
    This text refers to the second issue of Prisma: revista mural; underscoring the bold and at times inscrutable quality that characterized the first number of the magazine—which did not exclude the unusual way in which it was published. In this sense [...]
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  • Carta abierta, a “La Púa”
    Girondo, Oliverio, 1891-1967
    In “Open letter to ‘La Púa,’ [The Thorn]” Oliverio Girondo (1890–1967) shows an attitude, a “vital” stance regarding what involves “creation [...]
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  • Por esta puerta abierta los señores pueden entrar en el recinto de los fantasmas
    Pellegrini, Aldo
    This text, first of all, characterized the state of man in the world at the end of the twenties: a “mechanical doll,” the “definitive victim of a familiar architectural reptile” that is “Civilization” and whose consequences are melancholy [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 732546

  • Manifiesto
    Piterbarg, Elías
    Esteban Dalid’s article defines the character and the position of the publication in the face of the prevailing cultural and social milieu. In this way, he is demanding rebellion against reality, against “every form of established living,” [...]
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  • Pequeño esfuerzo de justificación colectiva
    Piterbarg, Elías; Pellegrini, Aldo
    The article’s objective is to introduce the publication’s character and explain the reason for its production: it claims  “to seek in expression evidence” of the subject’s “hidden structure”; yearns “perhaps also like an irresistible [...]
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  • Proa
    This article explains the emergence of the journal Proa as a symbol of a rare blossoming in the spirit, in the current culture of Argentina. On the other hand, Brandán Caraffa distances himself from Proa’s first period, which he characterizes as [...]
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  • ¿Quién es Martín Fierro?
    Méndez, Evar, 1888 -1955
    The article discusses the constant attacks that the newspaper Martín Fierro receives and all the conflicts and difficulties that result from these attacks. It also explains the attitude that will be assumed with regard to the situation created by [...]
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  • Inicial
    This article explains what caused the publication Inicial to be divided, the result of “ideological and sentimental” divergences that compelled the resignation of three of the founders so that, in essence, “with this edition, INICIAL [sic] is [...]
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