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  • Tenemos voz
    Grupo 8 (Uruguay)
    This document is a statement issued by the Montevideo-based GRUPO 8. Although diverse, all of the group members produced “abstract art”; in the late fifties, it was a sort of avant-garde functional to local industry insofar as the group connected [...]
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  • A máquina, Calder, Léger e outros
    Pedrosa, Mário
    Mário Pedrosa analyzes the relationship that the works of Alexander Calder and other modern artists (especially Fernand Léger) have with industrial production. In his judgment, for Léger, machines are like an incomprehensible and frightening god; [...]
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  • La industria nacional
    Gamio, Manuel, 1883-1960
    In this article, Mexican anthropologist Manuel Gamio argues that despite the abundant natural resources and the skill of its workers, Mexico’s industry fails to expand due to the preferential treatment given to foreign products over nationally [...]
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  • [I have often been questioned why the concern over which...]
    McCloud, James F.
    This is the introduction to the 1st Latin American Art Biennial delivered by James F. McCloud, the President of the Biennial, at the opening of the event on June 26, 1962, at the Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes “Emilio A. Caraffa” in Córdoba, [...]
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  • [La industria ya no es una simple productora de bienes...]
    McCloud, James F.
    The introduction to the catalogue for the 3rd Latin American Art Biennial, which opened on October 14, 1966, in Córdoba, Argentina, signed by J. F. McCloud, the president of the Biennial and of Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA), the [automotive] [...]
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  • Carta a Tucumán
    FOTIA (Labor union : Tucumán, Argentina)
    This brochure—produced by FOTIA (Federación Obrera Tucumana de la Industria Azucarera [Federation of Sugar Industry Workers of Tucumán]), the sugar workers’ guild and union, and one of the most aggressive organizations in Tucumán—was among [...]
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  • [Letter] 1968, Octubre 14, Aguilares, Argentina [to] Obispo de la ciudad de Concepción, Monseñor Juan Carlos Ferro
    Sánchez, Raúl Miguel
    This is a letter written by Raúl Miguel Sánchez, secretary general of the union representing the factory and field workers of the Aguilares Sugar Refinery in Tucumán, Argentina, addressed to the Bishop of Concepción, denouncing the destruction of [...]
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