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  • Los hombres y las cosas: cerámicas y tejidos incaicos
    Falcón, César, 1892-1970
    This article was written from Europe by the Peruvian writer and politician César Falcón. In his opinion, “Incan art” constitutes a legacy lacking in ideological direction and, in his judgment, transcendence. He attributes it with a dearth of [...]
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  • [Hemos llegado hasta casi la cumbre del cerro...]
    Nakamura, Félix, 1938-
    This text was written by Félix Nakamura for the catalogue for the exhibition Los pintores de Sarhua, that took place at the Huamanqaqa Gallery in Lima in 1977. Nakamura provides an account of his visit to the workshop operated by the artists Víctor [...]
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  • Sinamos Contacta 72 : a los artistas y artesanos del Perú
    This is the invitation to participate in the Festival de Arte Total CONTACTA 72; it is addressed to “Peruvian artists and artisans.” The event was scheduled to take place at the Parque de la Reserva in Lima, June 26–30, 1972, and it sought to [...]
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  • "J. López Antay es más auténtico que muchos artistas cultos"
    Castrillón, Alfonso, 1935-
    Alfonso Castrillón defends the decision to recognize López Antay by granting him the Premio Nacional de Cultura [award], asserting that his work “is more authentic than the work of many so-called high artists, who have spent their whole lives [...]
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  • López Antay en el ojo de la tormenta
    Freire Sarria, Luis, 1945-
    Writer Luis Freire responds to the press release issued by the Asociación Peruana de Artistas Plásticos (ASPAP) protesting the decision to grant the Premio Nacional de Cultura to Andean altarpiece maker Joaquín López Antay. Freire considers the [...]
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  • Los tejidos guatemaltecos
    Mérida, Carlos, 1891-1984
    This essay presents a dense description of the clothing of certain indigenous groups in Guatemala. The writer describes, as far as possible, the fabrics used in different garments in a country where "indigenous people are still of pure stock in many [...]
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  • Familia Artistica Paulista: 1.a exposição do grupo dos artistas plasticos - catalogo
    Almeida, Paulo Mendes de
    This text can be found in the catalogue for the first group exhibition by the Família Artística Paulista (FAP), held at the exclusive Hotel Esplanada in São Paulo in November 1937. This group was largely made up of self-taught artists—among them [...]
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