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  • Un momento excepcional en la Pintura Uruguaya
    Espada, Roberto de
    In this essay published in 1985, educator and literary critic Roberto de Espada describes the situation of the visual arts in Uruguay in the sixties. He analyzes how informalism was assimilated and internalized by important artists in the country and [...]
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  • Transfiguraciones de Miguel Von Dangel
    Montero Castro, Roberto
    Critic Roberto Montero Castro examines the roots of the modernist aesthetic, its evolution, and its characteristics up to the 1970s, which was marked by a rupture with the formalists and rationalists that preceded it. This gave birth to a new ( [...]
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  • Leonel Góngora : secuencia cinematográfica del beso y del abrazo
    Daza, Gloria Inés
    La poetisa, galerista y crítica de arte Gloria Inés Daza conversa con Leonel Góngora sobre las motivaciones artísticas que desencadenaron su “obra erótica”; la muerte que azota a una sociedad “convencional y pacata” como la colombiana; y [...]
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  • José Roberto de Aguilar
    Schenberg, Mário
    Mário Schenberg, the author of this text, considers José Roberto Aguilar a pioneer of Brazilian “magic art”—an important movement that, in his view, has been misunderstood. Unlike nouvelle figuration, which spread through Europe after [...]
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  • El taller : en homenaje a George McNeil 1908-1995 : Abstract Expressionist : mi querido maestro
    Ramírez González, Imelda, 1958-
    This text is one of the principal chapters in a book on the work of Colombian-based North American artist Ethel Gilmour. The titles of the chapters are “La sala azul,” “El pasillo amarillo,” “El taller,” (which is divided into two parts [...]
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  • [¿Cuán “abstracto” es el arte abstracto?]
    Cherson, Samuel B.
    In this essay, Samuel Cherson, a Cuban critic living in exile in Puerto Rico, discusses the abstract work produced by the Puerto Rican painter, Wilfred Chiesa. Cherson begins with a brief description of the abstract movement and its major exponents. [...]
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  • Carrillo Gil depone su actitud bélica y elogia sin reservas el expresionismo abstracto de los Estados Unidos
    Carrillo Gil, Alvar
    According to Alvar Carrillo Gil, Abstract Expressionism in the United States was in direct competition with the School of Paris. Though it was promoted as an authentically American trend, the collector and art critic believed it had European roots. [...]
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  • Artes plásticas
    Noé, Luis Felipe
    Luis Felipe Noé comments on the exhibition by Orlando Pierri at the Galería Pizarro. In Noé’s opinion, all that remains of Surrealism is the concept of dissociation of the light now representing not what is beneath reality but what is above it. [...]
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