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  • De Obregón a nuestro tiempo : el tiempo del arte contemporáneo en el caribe
    González Cueto, Danny, 1974-
    The article “De Obregón a nuestro tiempo: el tiempo del arte contemporáneo del Caribe colombiano”, written by the historian Danny González Cueto, was published in May 2007 in the “Notas de arte desde el Caribe” section in issue number [...]
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  • Las Antillas
    Mistral, Gabriela, 1889-1957
    The Chilean educator and poet, Gabriela Mistral, sets forth her opinions about the Spanish Antilles. She believes that the Antilles have been forgotten, in spite of being a link between the two Americas. Mistral speaks of France’s role in the [...]
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  • Caribe : a new magazine focusing on the visual arts and culture of caribbean people
    Moreno Vega, Marta
    Dr. Marta Moreno Vega’s editorial statement for the first issue of Caribe magazine lays out the aims and goals of the new publication. She states that Caribe will focus on Caribbean subjects that have been misinterpreted by colonizing powers. [...]
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  • [Eran las tres de la tarde, hora en que mataron a Lola,...]
    Valdés, Zoé, 1959-
    Cuban novelist Zoe Valdés pays homage to the work of Dominican artist Darío Suro. Transformed into a perceptive art critic while still displaying her lyrical gift as a fiction writer, Valdés gives literary form to Suro’s art, which she sees as a [...]
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  • Darío el Dibujante
    Suro, Federico
    Federico Suro—a journalist and former diplomat who is the son of the artist, Darío Suro—wrote this essay. Anecdotal in tone, this article offers many insights into the artist’s almost obsessive approach to drawing, which he called the “life- [...]
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  • Suro en la Encrucijada de la Identidad
    Gil Fiallo, Laura
    This essay by art critic Laura Gil Fiallo posthumously explores the creation of imagery in Darío Suro’s art that captured the multi-dimensionality of Dominican and Caribbean art. She thus emphasizes the existential quality of Suro’s style, its [...]
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