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  • Cristianismo y madera
    Planchart Licea, Eduardo, 1954-
    This critical essay—“Cristianismo y madera”—was written by the curator Eduardo Planchart Licea; it appeared in his book Juan Félix Sánchez. El gigante del Tisure. Planchart discusses the symbolic and aesthetic aspects of using wood in a [...]
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  • Gaudi Esté : símbolos de una historia actual
    Chacón, Katherine
    In this text, Katherine Chacón analyzes sculpture in wood by Venezuelan artist Gaudí Esté in terms of symbolism, balance of form, and gestural violence. Chacón asserts that the two fundamental aspects of Esté’s work are an inclination for [...]
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  • Introdução
    Ribeiro, Berta G. (Berta Gleizer)
    Anthropologist Berta G. Ribeiro, along with museologist Adalgiza Bonfim d´Eça, a specialist in indexation systems, compiled this enormous dictionary of indigenous crafts in Brazil. The publication contains the following chapters: 1. Ceramics; 2. [...]
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