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  • Plan de trabajo para el Centro Médico (IMSS)
    Siqueiros, David Alfaro
    The initial title that David Alfaro Siqueiros proposed for the mural he painted at Centro Medico Nacional [the National Medical Center] was Apología de la futura victoria de la ciencia médica sobre el cáncer. Paralelismo Histórico entre la [...]
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  • Presupuesto del pintor José Chávez Morado
    Chávez Morado, José, 1909-2002
    In the mural portion of the Centro Médico Nacional [National Medical Center] project, José Chávez Morado did not skimp on the space to be decorated or the materials to be used. On a surface of over 5500 square feet, he sculpted a cyclorama of [...]
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  • Temática para el Centro Médico
    Gamboa, Fernando
    As coordinator of the art integration project Centro Médico Nacional [National Medical Center], Fernando Gamboa left evidence of his aesthetic ideas relating to the history of medicine and public health. In his notes, the curator held forth on the [...]
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