Name Descriptor: Nitsche, Marcello, 1942-×
  • [Vimos a paisagem enquadrada e as árvores caídas]
    Motta, Flávio L. (Flávio Lichtenfels), 1923-
    This poem by Flávio Motta describes the career of artist Marcelo Nitsche by alluding to some of his works. It traces the intersection of landscape, object, calligraphy, and brushwork in Nitsche’s work. He concludes by posing a question that [...]
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  • Arte na cidade
    Motta, Flávio L. (Flávio Lichtenfels), 1923-
    Flávio Motta discusses the connections between the landscape and urban living conditions in large cities, which he believes affect human relationships. Cities that grow haphazardly with no urban planning are a reflection of a disorganized society. [...]
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  • Arte na cidade
    Motta, Flávio L. (Flávio Lichtenfels), 1923-; Nitsche, Marcello, 1942-
    This proposal, which envisioned a program of artistic activities in “public spaces,” was submitted to the City Hall of São Paulo in 1974 by the artist and architect Flavio Motta and the artist Marcello Nitsche. The project called for greater [...]
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  • Dos carimbos à bolha
    Amaral, Aracy A., 1930-
    Aracy Amaral believes that the focus on daily life and reality undertaken by US Pop art woke up young Brazilian artists to the myths and symbols of the consumer society. In her opinion, the Brazilian hall at the IX Bienal de São Paulo shows that [...]
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  • Marcelo Nitsche
    Leirner, Sheila, 1948-
    Sheila Leirner wrote this article about Marcello Nitsche’s exhibition, Alegres Saudações. The critic reminds us that the artist works in a tradition whose field of action is irreverence, humor and contemplation of the nature of art. That is how [...]
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  • Pilastras pintadas, vacas de concreto. É a arte nas ruas.
    This newspaper article reports on the Municipalidad de São Paulo’s official approval of the architect and artist Flávio Motta’s proposal to paint the concrete columns that support the elevated Presidente Costa e Silva highway, known to locals [...]
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