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  • 50 kilómetros de arte “computado” : la obra de Manzur
    Levy, Alegre
    The article “50 kilómetros de arte ‘computado’. La obra de Manzur” by journalist Alegre Levy was published in Bogotá-based newspaper El Tiempo on November 20, 1972. It is a review of the exhibition Manzur that would open the [...]
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  • Escultora, ceramista y madre de cuatro niños
    Hurtado, Amparo
    In this brief article, the journalist Amparo Hurtado discusses Alicia Tafur’s solo exhibition of twelve new sculptures at the Luis Ángel Arango Library in Bogotá. Hurtado describes how the sculptures are made with materials such as bronze, rods, [...]
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  • Doméstica : una mirada de lo cotidiano
    Roca, José Ignacio
    This document discusses Doméstica: una mirada cotidiana [Domestic: A Quotidian Perspective], the name of the latest edition of Nuevos Nombres [New Names], the exhibition of works by young artists that was presented at the Luis Ángel Arango Library [...]
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  • La Colección de pinturas de la Biblioteca “Luis Ángel Arango”, núcleo inicial para un posible museo de arte moderno
    Gil Tovar, F. (Francisco)
    This article, written by the Spanish art critic Francisco Gil Tovar, discusses the Banco de la República Art Collection three years after it was founded. The article is divided into five brief sections, as follows: an introductory paragraph, “La [...]
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  • Exposiciones en la Biblioteca Luis-Angel Arango : Luis Fernando Robles, un artista concreto
    Meneghetti, Aristides
    Uruguayan critic Aristides Meneghetti praises the work of Colombian painter Luis Fernando Robles as “the authentic result of [the artist’s] own experience and vital attitude.” He explains that Robles’s work reflects his “straightforward [...]
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  • Exposición de Alipio Jaramillo
    This document is the catalogue to the Exposición de Alipio Jaramillo held at the exhibition hall of the Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango in Bogotá in August 1958. In addition to information about the exhibition dates and the venue, the catalogue [...]
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  • 23 pinturas colombianas
    This catalogue was published by the Banco de la República of Colombia in February 1963 in conjunction with the exhibition of twenty-three paintings from the bank’s Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango art collection. The exhibition was held in the [...]
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  • Alpuy en la Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango
    Traba, Marta
    In this article, published in Bogotá’s El Tiempo newspaper on the occasion of Julio Alpuy’s first exhibition in Colombia, the Argentine critic Marta Traba reiterates her earlier strong critiques of the constructive system proposed by Joaquín [...]
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  • Salón de Arte Moderno 1957 : 50 años de arte en la BLAA
    Suárez, Sylvia Juliana, 1981-
    Published in the catalogue to the exhibition commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Primer Salón de Arte Moderno, this text by Sylvia Juliana Suárez presents the idea, process and results of a curatorial and editorial project formulated by [...]
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  • La exposición de Lucy Tejada
    Valencia Goelkel, Hernando, 1928-
    Hernando Valencia Goelkel discusses Lucy Tejada’s work on the occasion of her first exhibition in Colombia after having spent almost five years in Europe. The exhibition, which took place at Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango in Bogotá in November and [...]
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  • Lucy Tejada : "un arte de sometimiento a normas interiores"
    Meneghetti, Aristides
    In the opinion of the Uruguayan critic Aristides Meneghetti, the individual exhibition of [work by] Lucy Tejada at the Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango (October 1958) caused confusion and disappointment for the visitors. The general perception was that [...]
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