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  • Jorge Soto : portfolio
    Soto Sánchez, Jorge
    The work of Jorge Soto, an artist of Puerto Rican descent, is featured in the portfolio section of the first issue of Caribe magazine. He explains his drawings and images as incorporating symbols and meanings related to the general themes of being [...]
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  • The drawings of Jorge Soto Sánchez
    Robins, Corinne
    In this essay, Corinne Robbins praises the expansive artistic vocabulary of Nuyorican artist Jorge Soto Sánchez that drew from myth, street art, religious iconography, and fine art. Robbins places Soto Sánchez within the Surrealist tradition. She [...]
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  • Introduction
    Agüeros, Jack
    In this short introduction to the exhibition catalogue, Jorge Soto Sánchez: Works on Paper, 1974–1979,Jack Agüeros—director of El Museo del Barrio from 1977 until 1986—maintains that while the artist was well known as a painter and sculptor, [...]
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  • Biographical sketch
    Soto Sánchez, Jorge
    In this autobiographical timeline covering from 1947 to 1977, Nuyorican artist Jorge Soto Sánchez describes his childhood in the South Bronx where he took great delight in drawing from an early age. Conversely, he also found disillusionment in the [...]
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  • Jorge Soto
    Rodríguez, Myrna
    Art critic and scholar Myrna Rodriguez writes that the work of Jorge Soto Sánchez should be seen within the context of Latin American art. His grotesque depictions of the human figure bring to mind the work of such artists as Fernando Botero, [...]
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