Name Descriptor: Senise, Daniel, 1955-×
  • [São vastos e misteriosos os espaços descontínuos entre representação, percepção e tradução] = [The gaps between representation, perception and translation are vast and mysterious]
    Pedrosa, Adriano
    Guided by certain poetic and fictional considerations, the art critic and curator Adriano Pedrosa discusses Daniel Senise’s paintings. Using short phrases that address various parts of the catalogue in a frank dialogue with the images, the author [...]
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  • [Uma tela de Daniel Senise nos diz que é impossível ter certeza]
    Pedrosa, Adriano
    The art critic Adriano Pedrosa wrote this essay as an introduction to Daniel Senise’s 1994 exhibition  at the Thomas Cohn Arte Contemporânea gallery in Rio de Janeiro. In Pedrosa’s opinion, the narratives in Senise’s work are as seductive [...]
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  • Daniel Senise
    Cocchiarale, Fernando França
    In a text about the work of Daniel Senise, critic Fernando Cocchiarale presents a reading of the retro tendency known as the “retorno à pintura” that took place in the eighties. Cocchiarale underscores the unique nature of the artist’s work. [...]
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  • Daniel Senise
    Coutinho, Wilson
    Published in the catalogue to the 18th São Paulo Biennial (1985), this text by critic Wilson Coutinho presents the work of artist Daniel Senise. Coutinho underscores the dramatic nature of Senise’s pictorial representations of simple objects and [...]
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  • O vôo do bumerangue
    Senise, Daniel, 1955-; Ferreira, Glória
    In this interview, the art critic and curator Gloria Ferreira asks Daniel Senise about his exhibition at the Galeria Thomas Cohn (São Paulo, 1999). During the conversation, they discuss the connection between 1980s painting and conceptualism; Senise [...]
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