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  • Bencomo
    Bencomo, Mario, 1953-
    Mario Bencomo’s artist statement describes how he was born in 1953 on the date of the Moncada Barracks offensive and grew up within the revolution. Growing up Bencomo knew he did not want to stay in Cuba and declares that exile has made him more [...]
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  • Islands in the stream : an introduction
    Bosch, Lynette M. F.
    The essay by exhibition curator, Lynette M.F. Bosch, discusses the paintings of Luis Alonso, Mario Bencomo, Demi, and Arturo Rodriguez; the photography of Ramón Guerrero and María Martínez Cañas; and the mixed media work of María Brito. Bosch [...]
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  • Nature at the sensual extreme : Mario Bencomo's paintings
    Kuspit, Donald B.
    In this essay, American art critic Donald Kuspit discusses the sensuality of the paintings of Cuban-born artist Mario Bencomo. Kuspit notes that the works are both pleasurable and melancholic (revealing the dialectics of desire). He examines specific [...]
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