Name Descriptor: Figari, Pedro, 1861-1938×
  • [Letter] 1926 enero 28, Calle Lucas Obes, Montevideo [to] Pedro Figari
    Guillot Muñoz, Gervasio, 1897-1956
    In this letter Guillot Muñoz, the distinguished writer and journalist, tells his friend Pedro Figari about the critiques that his paintings were receiving in Montevideo at that time, and about the unconditional support for Figari there was among a [...]
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  • [Letter] 1965, Montevideo [to] Fernando García Esteban
    Cúneo, José, 1887-1977
    In this letter to critic Fernando García Esteban, José Cúneo celebrates the recent publication of the critic’s Panorama de la plástica contemporánea uruguaya (Montevideo: Editorial Alfa, 1965). Cúneo then explains his ideas about color in the [...]
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  • Americanidade e latinidade da America latina: crescente interpenetração e decrescente segregação
    Freyre, Gilberto, 1900-1987
    This is a summary of Gilberto Freyre’s thoughts on the subject of Latin America, with a focus on the cultural anthropological aspects of a hybrid civilization based on a blend of black, American Indian, and European traditions. The author discusses [...]
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  • Arte plástico y anexo : Exposición Doctor Figari
    Chiabra Acosta, Alfredo, 1889-1932
    Following an exhibition by Uruguayan painter Pedro Figari, Alfredo Chiabra-Acosta reviews the character of his pictorial production and considerations made about it by art criticism. Regarding the latter, he ponders that in view of such praise—“ [...]
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  • El grabador Carlos González : expresión realista del campo uruguayo
    Novoa, Felipe, 1909-1989
    The writer Felipe Nóvoa discusses Carlos González’s body of work at the end of the latter’s artistic career, during which this distinguished printmaker-woodcut printer created some very unusual works from 1934 to 1944, when he stopped producing [...]
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  • El pintor Juan Carlos Figari Castro
    Paéz Vilaró, Jorge, 1922-
    In this text, Jorge Páez Vilaró analyzes the pictorial work of Juan Carlos Figari Castro, son of painter Pedro Figari, pointing out his talent as a draftsman and the overall merit of his art. Páez Vilaró, himself a painter, understands that the [...]
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  • El pintor Pedro Figari
    Podesta, José María
    This article is a reflection on the shifting opinions recorded on Pedro Figari’s work throughout his artistic trajectory and the influence this critique, that stemmed from Europe, had on both the Uruguayan public as well as on local art critics. [...]
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  • Entrevista a Luis Mazzey
    Club de Grabado de Montevideo
    The artist Luis Mazzey, a member of the Club de Grabado de Montevideo, where he was also an instructor, was interviewed a few days after his 86th birthday. He provides an overview of his career and his ideas concerning the artistic nature of [...]
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  • Exposición Pedro Figari
    Ortelli, Roberto A.
    The writings of Roberto A. Ortelli had striking repercussions on the criticism of the pictorial work of Pedro Figari (1868-1938)—work that Ortelli considered completely without merit.  Ortelli described the works of the Uruguayan painter as “ [...]
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  • Figari
    Borges, Jorge Luis, 1899-1986
    In this prologue, Jorge Luis Borges defends his position that Pedro Figari’s work belongs to the lyrical genre in the way it paints Argentinean remembrance and memory: both the Criollo man and his world yielding before the “new man,” in whose [...]
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  • Figari como inspirador de la literatura nacional
    Ragni, Héctor, 1897-1952
    The exhibition of works by Pedro Figari—a tribute to the artist held in Montevideo in 1945, seven years after he died—was curated by the architect Carlos Herrera Mac Lean and was well-attended by the public and by members of the [...]
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  • Figari filósofo, pintor, poeta
    Roustan, Désire, 1873-1941; Ardao, Arturo, 1912-2003
    Revista Nacional was a quarterly journal published by the Academia Nacional de Letras del Uruguay [National Academy of Letters]. This article refers to one of the most important figures in the intellectual history of the River Plate [region], Pedro [...]
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  • Hacia un arte vernáculo y popular
    Aroztegui, Joaquín, 1943-
    This article voices the intentions of the Grupo Toledo Chico and its ideological position on “national art” versus “colonialist art.” The Uruguayan vernacular is, for the group, bound to cultural independence from hegemonic metropolitan [...]
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  • Historia abierta
    Traba, Marta
    Art critic Marta Traba authored the essay “Historia abierta,” which was included among the texts for the exhibition América: Mirada interior. Figari, Reverón, Santa María, in Bogotá, July 4 through August 18, 1985, published by the Banco de [...]
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  • La exposición del Subte a beneficio de Chile es una Revelación Histórica
    A.I.A.P.E. (agrupación de intelectuales, artistas, periodistas y escritores - rosario)
    This exhibition was organized by a group of independent artists associated with the AIAPE (Agrupación de Artistas, Intelectuales, Periodistas y Escritores) working with a recently created State agency, the Comisión Municipal de Cultura. All parties [...]
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  • La pintura en el V Salón de Otoño
    Vitureira, Cipriano S. (Cipriano Santiago), 1907-
    In this insightful review of the V Salón Municipal de Bellas Artes, the critic Cipriano Vitureira takes for granted that the worldwide political and social events of the early 1940s demand a renewal in both artistic and thematic terms, particularly [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1225672

  • Los jurados de los salarios artísticos de 1935 atentó contra la cultura
    Ortiz Saralegui, Juvenal, 1907-1959
    In this article the head of the AIAPE, Juvenal Ortiz Saralegui, condemns the incompetence of the jurors who were appointed by the Ministerio de Instrucción Pública y Previsión Social to grant “artistic salaries.” In 1935 the jury that had been [...]
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  • Pedro Figari y lo autóctono
    Vitureira, Cipriano S. (Cipriano Santiago), 1907-
    This critical essay by Cipriano Vitureira on the artist Pedro Figari and his relationship with the notion of the “native” in the context of Uruguay, digresses from the local critique that assessed his work as being made by one of the “first [...]
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  • Pedro Figari, pintor de pasadas costumbres
    Dieste, Eduardo, 1881-1954
    In chapter IX of his book Teseo Discusión Estética y Ejemplos […], published in 1925, the critic Eduardo Dieste discusses the work of Pedro Figari as a painter in the costumbrismo style. Dieste mentions Figari’s unique ability to portray scenes [...]
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  • Realizó ayer su novena reunión el instituto popular de conferencias
    The author sets out the "mission," "in the times that run by," that the [Latin] American people "get to work," since it is no longer possible to continue to "enjoy…nature’s exuberance" or the "efforts of other people and races." In this sense, [...]
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  • Ubicación intelectual de Figari
    Methol Ferré, Alberto, 1929-2009
    This brief article by Alberto Methol Ferré, published in 1960, provides the first indications of a specific change in the painter Pedro Figari’s philosophy. For decades his fame as a painter had largely obscured his philosophical thinking. In this [...]
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