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  • La exposición de arte francés y las modernas escuelas de pintura
    Arango Jaramillo, Adelfa
    This article?written by the Colombian educator Adelfa Arango Jaramillo on the occasion of an exhibition of French art in Medellín?champions new concepts that she believes are key aspects of modern art: the absence of an attempt to please, and an [...]
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  • Sobre un nuevo prejuicio
    Abril de Vivero, Francisco
    In this article, Francisco Abril de Vivero criticizes what he calls the “abstractionist prejudice,” claiming that conservative rejection of new tendencies is a constant throughout art history. At the same time, he acknowledges an “ [...]
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  • Un nuevo prejuicio (?)
    Goyburu, Emilio
    Emilio Goyburu opens this text by asserting that the “abstractionist prejudice” of which Abril de Vivero speaks on the pages of this same publication (Plástica) makes references to a form of snobbery inevitable in any movement that brings [...]
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