Name Descriptor: Chacón, Luis, 1927-×
  • Proposiciones cinéticas en los grabados de Luis Chacón
    Díaz Sosa, Carlos
    Journalist Carlos Díaz Sosa interviewed Luis Chacón on his exhibition of prints at the Ateneo in Caracas. Chacón explains that he has recently decided to produce single-edition prints—he calls them “print-objects”—that pursue a kinetic [...]
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  • Ya no podemos hacer grabados con el criterio de hace 5 siglos : Luis Chacón
    Chacón, Luis, 1927-
    In this article the Venezuelan artist Luis Chacón expresses his thoughts on the exhibition Los planetas (Ateneo de Caracas, 1967) and discusses his goal of breaking with the tradition of printing a run of identical images from a single plate or [...]
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  • Chacón revive y renueva un noble arte : el grabado
    Rial, José Antonio, 1911-
    In this interview with Venezuelan artist Luis Chacón, journalist José Antonio Rial offers an overview of his education, influences, preference in techniques, research, and proposals for engraving. He describes in detail his transition from the use [...]
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  • Luis Chacón, Grabador
    Díaz Sosa, Carlos
    Carlos Díaz Sosa interviewed Venezuelan artist Luis Chacón on the occasion of the exhibition New International Gravure Group, which featured Chacón’s work, held at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Caracas. The article points out that Chacón was the [...]
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  • Chacón : hoy abren exposición
    This article announces the exhibition of Venezuelan artist Luis Chacón at the Galería El Pez Dorado (Caracas). The show was mounted within the context of the transition that the Círculo Pez Dorado had passed through, whose leadership was now in [...]
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  • Forma espacial
    Calzadilla, Juan, 1931
    The critic Juan Calzadilla introduces the exhibition of prints by Luis Chacón at the Museo de Bellas Artes in Caracas, discussing the lack of a printmaking tradition and wondering what the artist might do to remedy the void in training opportunities [...]
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  • The Planets: Series of engravings
    Gómez Sicre, José
    The Cuban critic José Gómez Sicre introduces an exhibition of engravings made by the Venezuelan artist Luis Chacón held at the Pan-American Union (Washington, DC). The writer points out the tireless willingness of Venezuelan artists in exploration [...]
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