Name Descriptor: Calder, Alexander, 1898-1976×
  • A máquina, Calder, Léger e outros
    Pedrosa, Mário
    Mário Pedrosa analyzes the relationship that the works of Alexander Calder and other modern artists (especially Fernand Léger) have with industrial production. In his judgment, for Léger, machines are like an incomprehensible and frightening god; [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1085302

  • Calder sobre Venezuela : fragmentos sobre la autobiografía de Alexander Calder
    Calder, Alexander, 1898-1976
    Alexander Calder, the North American visual artist, talks about his trip to Venezuela during the summer of 1955, when the architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva organized an exhibition of his works in Caracas. Calder discusses the process involved in [...]
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  • Construtivismo
    Ruchti, Jacob
    In the view of Jacob Ruchti, the origin of Constructivism can be traced to the analytic investigation of Cubism. He believes that Constructivism implies “a new conceptual vision of things,” where colors, lines, and forms have an expressive power [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 780261

  • Las Estructuras cinéticas de Jesús Soto
    Otero, Alejandro, 1921-1990
    In this article, Alejandro Otero begins by describing some of the movements and artists that are representative of the global abstract avant-garde, principally Alexander Calder, in order to contextualize Venezuelan artist Jesús Rafael Soto. He [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 850667

  • Los artistas extranjeros de la ciudad universitaria de Caracas
    Meneses, Guillermo, 1911-1978
    Guillermo Meneses discusses the foreign artists invited by the architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva to work with him on his plan to incorporate art into the proposed Ciudad Universitaria in Caracas. Meneses begins by mentioning the artistic merits of [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1060120