Name Descriptor: Samper, Darío, 1909-×
  • La aparición de “los bachues”
    Achury Valenzuela, Darío
    In his column “Marginario fugaz” [Fleeting Notes from the Margin], the young Colombian writer, Darío Achury Valenzuela, reports on the formation of the group, Los Bachués. This document is an invitation to young adults in their thirties to work [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1074762

  • La hora actual y nosotros
    Azula Barrera, Rafael
    This text is Colombian critic Rafael Azula Barrera’s response to Darío Samper’s article on the difference between generations. While Azula Barrera recognizes to a certain extent the legitimacy of Samper’s criticism of earlier generations, he [...]
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  • Monografía del Bachué : advocación lírica a Nuestra Señora la diosa Bachué
    Grupo Bachué (Colombia)
    This document is the cover of the “Monografía del Bachué,” published on June 15, 1930, by some of the artists and writers who began the Bachué group. In this text, the Bachués use poetic and lyrical language reminiscent of prayer as they [...]
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