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  • Aspectos da pintura através de "Marco Zero"
    Andrade, Oswald de, 1890-1954
    Oswald de Andrade was invited by the American Contemporary Arts to give this lecture in São Paulo in 1944, in which he discusses the two characters he created for a series of novels (that was never completed) entitled Marco Zero. He used these [...]
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  • O que é a SPAM, que se inaugurou quinta-feira à noite
    Segall, Lasar
    When the painter Lasar Segall was interviewed by a São Paulo newspaper, he reviewed the SPAM (Sociedade Pró-Arte Moderna) association’s program to create an “environment [to foster] modern art” in the city of São Paulo. Segall discussed the [...]
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  • SPAM (Sociedade Pró-Arte Moderna) - Manifesto
    Segall, Lasar; Almeida, Paulo Mendes de
    This manifesto states, briefly, that the goal of SPAM (Sociedade Pró-Arte Moderna), the pro-modern art association, is to create an environment devoted to the “development” of artistic activities. Founded in 1932 by a group of intellectuals, [...]
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  • Prefácio
    Andrade, Mário de, 1893-1945
    SPAM (Sociedade Pró-Arte Moderna) was founded in December 1932 in São Paulo. Its stated goals were to create closer artistic ties, and relationships between artists and the public. The catalogue for the SPAM 1ª Exposição de Arte Moderna includes [...]
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  • Rapida noticia sobre a SPAM
    Almeida, Paulo Mendes de
    In this brief account, critic Paulo Mendes de Almeida surveys the origins, contributions, and the objectives of SPAM (Sociedade Pró-Arte Moderna), which was founded in São Paulo by artists, critics and collectors to strengthen connections between [...]
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  • Expedição às matas virgens de Spamolândia
    This is the program for the carnival party sponsored by the Sociedade Pró-Arte Moderna(SPAM) in February 1934, an event that was also referred to as the Grande Expedição às Matas Virgens da Spamolândia [Great Expedition to the Virgin Jungles of [...]
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