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  • Presencia del Grupo Espartaco : pintura de nuestro tiempo
    González Tuñon, Raúl, 1905-1974
    The critic wrote on the recovery of different figurative approaches, with a predominance of Expressionist tendencies; operating in dialectical synthesis was a combination of realistic and abstract elements. González Tuñón associated the pintores [...]
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  • [El propósito de seguir adelante, de continuar cumpliendo con los objetivos fundamentales...]
    Grupo Espartaco
    In this document, signed in 1968, the Grupo Espartaco [Spartacus Group] announces the end of the joint activities they had begun in 1959. The group’s original goal was to create an art of forms and content that was truly Argentine and that was also [...]
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  • [El Movimiento Espartaco ha hecho público...]
    Grupo Espartaco
    Operating from Argentina, the Movimiento Espartaco [Spartacus Movement] argued that there was a need for national and revolutionary Latin American art. According to this argument, it would be necessary to eliminate from the social order the economic [...]
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