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  • Latin American visions and revisions
    Goldman, Shifra M., 1926-
    Art historian Shifra M. Goldman writes with great acuity and depth about the traveling exhibition, Art of the Fantastic: Latin America, 1920–1987, which opened at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 1987, and subsequently went to the Queens [...]
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  • Comments on the Article by Damián Bayón
    Romero Brest, Jorge
    In this text, Jorge Romero Brest responds to an article by Damián Bayón about what qualities make art produced by Latin American artists Latin American, and to four related questions about the nature of Latin American art which were sent to him by [...]
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  • El artista latinoamericano y su identidad
    Romero Brest, Jorge
    Argentine critic Jorge Romero Brest remarks that he was not invited to participate in the symposium “El artista latinoamericano y su identidad” [The Latin American Artist and His Identity] held at the University of Texas en Austin in October 1975 [...]
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  • Americanidade e latinidade da America latina: crescente interpenetração e decrescente segregação
    Freyre, Gilberto, 1900-1987
    This is a summary of Gilberto Freyre’s thoughts on the subject of Latin America, with a focus on the cultural anthropological aspects of a hybrid civilization based on a blend of black, American Indian, and European traditions. The author discusses [...]
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  • Arte Latinoamericano hoy
    Cobo Borda, Juan Gustavo, 1948-
     The Colombian poet Juan Gustavo Cobo Borda talks about the Argentine critic Damián Bayón and his passion for Latin American art. He mentions some of Bayón’s books, such as: Aventura plástica de Hispanoamérica [Hispanic America’s Visual [...]
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  • A hispanidade em São Paulo
    Amaral, Aracy A., 1930-
    Aracy Amaral discusses certain characteristic features of Spanish culture that she identifies in buildings that were constructed in the state of São Paulo in the seventeenth century. She notes some telltale cultural details in the bull ring, in [...]
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  • [Does present day Latin American art...]
    Amaral, Aracy A., 1930-
    Aracy A. Amaral asserts that there is no such thing as a unified expression of Latin American art, but instead a desire for cultural integration that has not yet been resolved. She understands that the countries of the Americas share common problems [...]
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  • Damian Bayon : um olhar sobre a América
    Amaral, Aracy A., 1930-
    In this essay, Aracy Amaral discusses the career of the historian and art critic Damián Carlos Bayón, stressing the important role that he and Marta Traba played throughout the Americas by fostering a deeper understanding of Latin American art. [...]
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