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  • A Noel Cassady, de la “Beat Generation”, encarcelado en “San Quintín”, California, U.S.A., por el delito de fumar marihuana
    Los nadaistas (1958-1970)
    In a letter signed by “the Nadaístas” [Nothing-ists], a group of Colombian artists protest the incarceration of the Beat poet Noel (Neal) Cassady, who was tried in 1958 in the United States “for the crime of smoking marihuana.” The letter [...]
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  • Primera bienal de las Cruces
    Arango, Gonzalo, 1931-1976
    The poet and political thinker Gonzalo Arango invites artists to participate in the “Primera Bienal de Las Cruces” [First Las Cruces Biennial]. The event was not mentioned at all in the media, although it took place in Bogotá in the 1960s, and [...]
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  • Documentos nadaístas
    Arango, Gonzalo, 1931-1976
    The poet and political thinker Gonzalo Arango discerns poetics in the artistic avant-garde that he invented and named ‘Nadaísmo’ [Nothing-ism] (1958–70), [which is] an art that “has no end, because it is infinite.” The Nadema artists [...]
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  • Manifiesto poético 1962 : explosiones radioactivas de la poesía nadaísta
    Osorio, Amilkar, 1940- 1985
    The poet Amílcar Osorio Gómez—who, for many years, signed his work “Amílkar U.”—wrote the second manifesto for the nadaísta [Nothing-ist] group (1958–70), a predominantly poetic avant-garde association that coalesced in Colombia in the [...]
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  • 2 Festival de Vanguardia : Cali, 16 al 28 de junio de 1966
    Festival de Arte de Vanguardia (Cali, Colombia)
    This document includes a number of texts by the organizers of the Segundo Festival de Arte de Vanguardia [Second Festival of Avant-Garde Art], presented in the city of Cali, Colombia from June 16 through July 1, 1966 by members of the nadaísta [ [...]
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