Name Descriptor: Calle, Johanna, 1965-×
  • Arte Joven con inflación
    Escallón, Ana María
    The article “Arte Joven con inflación” [Young Art with Inflation] (1991) was written by Ana María Escallón as a review of the seventh edition of the exhibition Nuevos Nombres [New Names] (1991) and published in the Bogotá newspaper El [...]
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  • Los siete Ganadores de los Salones Regionales: antesala del 38 Salón Nacional de artistas
    Jiménez, Carlos, 1947-
    This article entitled “Los Siete Ganadores de los Salones Regionales” was published in the “Lecturas de fin de semana,” or weekend readings section of the Bogotá newspaper El Tiempo, on November 4, 2001. It consists of brief texts on the [...]
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  • Fardos
    Calle, Johanna, 1965-
    Three pages from Johanna Calle’s handwritten notebook with notes, quotes, references, associations, and small illustrations that provide unique insight into the creation of the series Fardos y Perspectivas [Packages and Perspectives] (2006). They [...]
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  • Arte y desplazamiento = Art and displacement
    This essay, written by the art curator María Clara Bernal and published in the catalogue for the exhibition Displaced (2007), explains why it is important to address the subject of displacement as an essential feature of the contemporary world of [...]
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  • Johanna Calle
    Garzón, Diego, 1974-
    In this interview of Johanna Calle, the Colombian journalist Diego Garzón emphasizes the relationship between the artist’s work and the sociopolitical problems of the world in which she lives. It also explores the paths through which she has made [...]
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  • [En Colombia, algunas mujeres artistas se han ocupado...]
    Jaramillo, Carmen María, 1958-
    This is the text for Otras Miradas = Other Glances, written by the historian and art critic Carmen María Jaramillo Jiménez for the exhibition that was organized with the help of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2004. The [...]
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  • Efluvios 2002-2004 : Lápiz y tinta sobre papel
    Calle, Johanna, 1965-
    This manuscript records Johanna Calle’s notes on her series titled Efluvios [Emanations] (2002–4). After articulating a number of metaphors in which water symbolizes catastrophic events and refers to what is ruined, the Colombian artist says: “ [...]
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  • Variaciones políticas del trazo
    Pérez-Ratton, Virginia
    Art critic Virginia Pérez-Ratton comments on the exhibition of work by Colombian artist Johanna Calle at the Fundación Teor/Ética in San Jose (Costa Rica), her first solo exhibition outside Colombia. Pérez-Ratton specifically addresses the [...]
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