Name Descriptor: Semana de Arte Moderna (1922 : São Paulo, Brazil)×
  • A emoção eshetica na arte moderna
    Aranha, Graça, 1868-1931
    In discussing paintings by Anita Malfatti such as O homem amarelo, as well as work by Zina Aita and Vicente do Rego Monteiro, Graça Aranha asserts that visitors to the Semana de Arte Moderna of 1922 would consider the exhibition a “heap of ‘ [...]
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  • A chegada da arte moderna ao Brasil
    Malfatti, Anita
    The painter Anita Malfatti describes her career in art and the various events that led up to the Semana de Arte Moderna [Modern Art Week] (1922). She discusses her time in Berlin and her training in the workshop of painters Fritz Burger and Lovis [...]
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  • Semana de Arte Moderna
    This document describes the activities on the second day of the Semana de Arte Moderna event held in 1922. On this occasion (the second of three days) the focus was on literature in general. The document announced a: “Lecture by Menotti del [...]
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  • Semana de Arte Moderna : catalogo da exposição : S. Paulo 1922
    This document is none other than the catalogue for the Semana de Arte Moderna, the event that was held in the Teatro Municipal in the city of São Paulo in 1922. The catalogue covered the entire festival and listed the hundred items that were [...]
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