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  • Performance em telepresença : informação e comunicação na rede mundial de computadores
    Medeiros, Maria Beatriz de, 1955-
    In this text, Bia Medeiros observes that “telepresence” implies presence in real, or almost real, time which is measured by means of technology (video or computer). Medeiros explains that the form of telepresence that Corpos Informá [...]
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    Medeiros, Maria Beatriz de, 1955-; Grupo de Pesquisa Corpos Informáticos
    In this text, Bia Medeiros provides an account of the video performance that Corpos Informáticos, the experimental research group she leads, carried out at the X Congresso da Anpap held in 1996. The group, which was formed in 1992, focuses on [...]
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