Name Descriptor: Elliott, Jorge, 1916-1974×
  • Reflexiones sobre un Ensayo de Jorge Elliott
    Lihn, Enrique, 1929-1988
    This is Enrique Lihn’s lengthy, emphatic review of “Abstracción y Figurativismo o el dilema de la expresividad en la pintura,” an essay by Jorge Elliot. Lihn is not out to discredit Elliot’s proposals, he wants to [...]
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  • Sobre patologías en el arte : discusión con Jorge Elliott
    Risco Neira, Ana María
    This essay is representative of the debate over art that divided Chile in the mid-twentieth century, pitting the figurative values of painting against modern painting and abstract art. That division was reflected in the art produced by two different [...]
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  • Magia y laberinto
    Galaz, Gaspar, 1941-
    In this text Gaspar Galaz writes about the prints produced by Jaime Cruz. He discusses the ones from the 1960s, which are representative of Cruz’s early work in this medium. Galaz also refers to the dominant trends in art at that time, the [...]
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  • El comportamiento de la crítica
    Muñoz Zárate, Patricio, 1960-
    In his essay about the vast subject of art criticism in Chile from 1950 to 1973, Patricio Muñoz Zárate highlights the field’s defining moments, milestones, and notable personalities. In a series of subchapters, he sheds light on [...]
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