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  • Portinari
    Landucci, Lélio
    The magazine Mensaje, devoted to the dissemination of Brazilian culture in Uruguay, dedicated its twenty-fourth issue, published December 1948, to an analysis of work by Candido Portinari, just at the conclusion of the Brazilian artist’s one-year [...]
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  • Exposición de pintores puertorriqueños elogiada por la crítica de Nueva York
    This anonymous article, published in Semana [Week] magazine, reports on the positive critical response to the 1957 exhibition of Puerto Rican art presented at the Riverside Museum in New York. The article also mentions several details about the event [...]
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  • Ricardo E. Alegría comenta éxito exposición de artistas boricuas N.Y.
    Tooker, Helen V.
    Helen V. Tooker, the reporter from El mundo [The World] newspaper, discusses the reactions expressed by Ricardo Alegría, the director of the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueño [ICP, Puerto Rican Cultural Institute] concerning the success of the [...]
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  • Pinturas Boricuas NY. Artistas comentan éxito exposición
    Carlo, Darío
    The journalist Darío Carlo writes that Julio Rosado del Valle and Carlos Raquel Rivera?two of the ten Puerto Rican artists who went to see the 1957 exhibition of Puerto Rican art at the Riverside Museum in New York?saw the exhibition as a success. [...]
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  • Para gloria de Puerto Rico : la exposición en Riverside
    The author of this anonymous review claims that the 1957 exhibition at the Riverside Museum in New York was a success because it confirmed the existence of artistic talent in Puerto Rico. The exhibition?which was sponsored by the Instituto de Cultura [...]
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  • En Museo de Riverside, inauguran exposición de pintores de la Isla
    Meyners, Benjamín Arnaldo, 1905-1983
    In this essay, Benjamin Arnaldo Meyners, who was Puerto Rican but lived in New York, explained that the president of the Riverside Museum in New York, Netti Horsch, and the director of the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña (ICP) [Puerto Rican [...]
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  • La pintura puertorriqueña y la crítica norteamericana
    Vientós Gastón, Nilita
    The Puerto Rican writer, Nilita Vientós Gastón, forcefully criticizes an article in The New Yorker (January 26, 1957) and another in The New York Times about a Puerto Rican art exhibition held at the Riverside Museum in New York from January 6 to [...]
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