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  • Desde París : Autopsia del suprerrealismo
    Vallejo, César, 1892-1938
    In this text, eminent Latin American avant-garde poet César Vallejo asserts that “among the symptoms of the final decline of the capitalist intelligentsia is the vice of coterie.” He argues that the crises of economic imperialism are reflected [...]
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  • A nova forma poética: uma conversa com Tristan Tzara
    Carvalho, Flávio de; Tzara, Tristan, 1896-1963
    This is the transcript of a statement made by the poet Tristan Tzara when he was interviewed by Flávio de Carvalho during the latter’s trip to Europe in 1934. Tzara speaks at great length about Dadaist methods, the movement he leads, and the [...]
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  • El endemoniado Dadá se adueña de París
    Lozano, Rafael
    In his article the poet from Monterrey, Rafael Lozano, refers to the leaders of Dadaism: Tristan Tzara in Zurich, Switzerland and Francis Picabia in New York. He hopes sarcastically that the tenets of Dadaism will be sung just like the French [...]
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