Name Descriptor: Brandt, Alberto, 1924-1970×
  • [Una sorprendente revelación en la plástica nacional...]
    Erminy, Perán
    Through his criticism, Perán Erminy defines the work of the Venezuelan visual artist shown in Alberto Brandt: Exposición de pinturas (Centro Profesional del Este, Caracas, 1957). In this text, Erminy postulates that this work is a definitive [...]
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  • Art in Latin American Today : Venezuela
    Diament Sujo, Clara
    This text was written for the series Art of Latin America Today: Venezuela by the critic and art historian Clara Diament Sujo. The text historically summarized the development of contemporary art in Venezuela from the Pre-Columbian, colonial, and [...]
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  • Así fue
    Márquez, Felipe, 1954-
    The Venezuelan graphic designer and draftsman Felipe Márquez created a biographical sketch of Alberto Brandt (1924–70). Márquez narrates some of the key stories that nurtured the myths swirling around this Venezuelan visual artist. He also [...]
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  • Programa de ciclos audiovisuales durante 1964
    This foldable brochure summarizes in list form the activities that took place at the Museo de Arte Moderno of Bogotá (MAM) in 1964, when it was directed by the art critic Marta Traba. The text contains seven headings, each of which is followed by a [...]
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