Name Descriptor: Bienal Internacional de São Paulo (4th : 1957)×
  • Arte em órbita
    Rosenberg, Harold
    In 1961, the magazine ARTnews sent critic Harold Rosenberg to São Paulo to cover the opening of the VI São Paulo Biennial, which had been postponed due to the sudden resignation of Brazilian President Jânio Quadros a few months earlier. In this [...]
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  • IV Bienal do Museu de Arte Moderna
    Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo
    The first Bienal Internacional de São Paulo at the Museu de Arte Moderna en São Paulo (MAM-SP) was presented in 1951; it was a groundbreaking event outside of Europe, attracting the sort of attention usually reserved for the Venice [...]
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  • Prefacio
    Paine, Roberto
    This foreword was written by Roberto Paine, director of Cultural Action in the Office of Culture. He introduces the Argentine delegation organized by the Ministry of Education and Justice of the Argentine Republic, on the occasion of the 4th São [...]
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