Creator: León, Carlos Augusto, 1914-1997×
  • Guayasamín y el derecho a disentir
    León, Carlos Augusto, 1914-1997
    In this essay, the poet Carlos Augusto León writes at length about what is going on in the field of art criticism; he is responding to the debate sparked by an article by Alejandro Otero (“¿Dónde está Guayasamín?” 1953). León does not agree [...]
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  • Monasterios, cantor de la tierra
    León, Carlos Augusto, 1914-1997
    Poet and critic Carlos Augusto León envisions the exhibition of work by Venezuelan painter Rafael Monasterios reviewed in this text as part of a process of discovering the country through art. As precedents for the work of Monasterios, he cites [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1171863