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  • Arte Joven con inflación
    Escallón, Ana María
    The article “Arte Joven con inflación” [Young Art with Inflation] (1991) was written by Ana María Escallón as a review of the seventh edition of the exhibition Nuevos Nombres [New Names] (1991) and published in the Bogotá newspaper El [...]
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  • La Pintura de Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar
    Escallón, Ana María
    In this text, art critic Ana María Escallón discusses three basic phases in the work of Colombian painter Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar: a first experimental stage; a second stage of searching and inner exploration; and a third stage marked by [...]
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  • Los espacios transitorios: Rosa Irigoyen y Anaida Hernández = Transitory Spaces: Rosa Irigoyen and Anaida Hernández
    Escallón, Ana María
    In 2002, on the occasion of the exhibition, Espacios Transitorios: Rosa Irigoyen y Anaida Hernández [Transitory Spaces: Rosa Irigoyen and Anaida Hernández], held at the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington, DC, the Colombian curator Ana María [...]
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