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  • El porqué del creciente interés en el arte latinoamericano en los Estados Unidos
    Barnitz, Jacqueline
    The United States art professor and historian Jacqueline Barnitz wrote a detailed report on a number of North American exhibitions of work created by Latin American artists in the 1960s and 1970s. She pays special attention to the 1970s, when there [...]
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  • The Question 17 years later = La interrogante : Diecisiete Años Después
    Barnitz, Jacqueline
    Seventeen years after writing the article, “The Question of Latin American Art: Does It Exist?” (see doc no. 805617) in the 1960s, Jacqueline Barnitz wonders again about the question of the identity of Latin American art. She suggests that it [...]
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  • The question of Latin American Art: Does it exist?
    Barnitz, Jacqueline
    Jacqueline Barnitz, who spent many years as a professor of Latin American art at the University of Texas at Austin, wonders if there really is “Latin American art.” This question was addressed at a symposium at the New School of Social Research. [...]
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