Creator: Pignatari, Décio, 1927-2012×
  • Antíarte artística
    Pignatari, Décio
    The controversial author Décio Pignatari visited the IX International Biennial of São Paulo in 1967, which inspired him to write a brief overview on the subject of “anti-art.” In one of his brazen statements he claims that “the Biennale is [...]
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  • Antonio Manuel, the cock of the golden eggs
    Pignatari, Décio
    This essay on the work of Antonio Manuel was written by the concrete poet Décio Pignatari, who referred to the artist as “the cock of the golden eggs.” On the subject of contemporary art issues, the author describes the friction between the [...]
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  • Arte concreta: objeto e objetivo
    Pignatari, Décio
    In this editorial, which appeared in the magazine A & D (Arquitetura & Decoração), Décio Pignatari discusses the poetry that was presented at the I Exposição Nacional de Arte Concreta (1956). When concrete [...]
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  • Fiaminghi
    Pignatari, Décio
    In this review of the 1961 solo exhibition of painter Hermelindo Fiaminghi, the author roundly criticizes the current dilemma of Brazilian concrete art. He also condemns the movement for its failure to achieve one of its goals, which was to make it [...]
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  • Forma, função e projeto geral
    Pignatari, Décio
    Décio Pignatari insists that the artist should be an integral part of the industrial production system, and proposes that art should be incorporated into architecture, urban development, industrial design, cinematography, advertising, and [...]
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  • Pignatari : vanguarda e Raul Porto
    Pignatari, Décio
    Décio Pignatari reviews the artist Raúl Porto’s work on the occasion of the inaugural Leirner de Arte Contemporânea (Leirner Prize for Contemporary Art) exhibition in 1960. The critique appeared in Jayme Maurício& [...]
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  • Plano-pilôto para poesia concreta
    Campos, Augusto de; Campos, Haroldo de; Pignatari, Décio
    This article by the Brazilian poet Augusto de Campos, which sounds like a manifesto, lists the conceptual guidelines and the historical and theoretical references of concrete poetry. It underscores that the movement represents “the end of a [...]
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  • Raul Porto
    Pignatari, Décio, 1927-2012
    In this poetic essay, which was included in the brochure produced for the Prêmio Leirner de Arte Contemporânea (Leirner Prize for Contemporary Art) in 1960, Décio Pignatari discusses the concept of “avant-garde” and [...]
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  • Sacilotto: expressões e concreções
    Pignatari, Décio
    This text presents the Luiz Sacilotto retrospective held at the MAM-SP (Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo) in 1980. Décio Pignatari, a concrete poet, theoretician of semiotics, and art critic, calls his readers’ attention to those prototypical [...]
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  • Semana nacional de poesia de vanguarda: comunicado e conclusões
    Pontual, Roberto, 1939-; Morais, Frederico, 1936-; Xisto, Pedro; Leminski, Paulo; Sampaio, Márcio; Araújo, Olívio Tavares de; Santiago, Haroldo; Araújo, Henry Corrëa de; Lucas, Fábio; Parduani, Célio Cesar; Cunha, Ubirasçu Carneiro de; Pignatari, Décio; Pinheiro, Luiz Adolfo, 1940-; Neves, Libério; Campos, Augusto de; Nunes, Benedito, 1929-; Campos, Haroldo de; Avila, Affonso, 1928-; Lima, Luiz Costa, 1937-; Araujo, Laís Corrêa de; Sant'Anna, Affonso Romano de
    There are four subsections in the manifesto written by the Brazilian art critic Roberto Pontual: a) Awareness of the Form (that defines Brazilian poetry as a participating avant-garde whose function is to be creatively critical; b) Communication and [...]
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