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  • [Las influencias favorables o negativas que los otros...]
    Vigas, Oswaldo
    In this essay Oswaldo Vigas discusses his early days as a painter in Venezuela in the 1940s, recalling the first time he was awarded a prize, and the art movements that influenced his work. He also mentions his travels, studies, and companions. He [...]
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  • Entrevista a Oswaldo Vigas
    Vigas, Oswaldo
    In this interview published in a catalogue of the Museo de Bellas Artes in Caracas, the painter Oswaldo Vigas relates the development of his interest in tapestry and his beginnings in this technique starting in 1971 under the patronage of Ana Teresa [...]
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  • La sin razón de mis brujas
    Vigas, Oswaldo
    In this text, artist Oswaldo Vigas defends his artistic language against dominant styles and the expectations of the art market. In his view, both commercial and uncultivated affluent sectors have contributed to the distortion of the meaning of [...]
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  • Lo que se tiene no se busca...
    Vigas, Oswaldo
    In this text, Venezuelan painter Oswaldo Vigas once again expresses his opposition to the notion of “research” in art. He believes that experimentation is part and parcel of science and, as such, irrelevant to creative processes. Indeed, it tends [...]
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  • Todos los pueblos necesitan afirmar sus valores culturales en sus propias realidades
    Vigas, Oswaldo
    In this essay, the Venezuelan artist Oswaldo Vigas defends his beliefs on the subject of the Latin American identity, stating that the only way Latin American communities can survive the unfolding of historical events is by departing from their own [...]
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