Creator: Muñoz, Gonzalo, 1956-×
  • El gesto del otro : arte/política en Chile (1975-1985)
    Muñoz, Gonzalo, 1956-
    In this article, the writer Gonzalo Muñoz discusses the art produced in Santiago, Chile, between 1974 and 1985, which he describes as being highly political and, therefore, very focused on the military dictatorship that was in power at that [...]
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  • Eugenio Dittborn a Gonzalo Muñoz : a propósito de la 'Historia sentimental de la pintura chilena' de Gonzalo Díaz
    Muñoz, Gonzalo, 1956-; Dittborn, Eugenio, 1943-
    The document "Eugenio Dittborn y Gonzalo Muñoz: a propósito de la Historia sentimental de la pintura chilena de Gonzalo Díaz" (Eugenio Dittborn and Gonzalo Muñoz: On the Subject of the Sentimental History of [...]
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  • Sobre arte y política (1)
    Muñoz, Gonzalo, 1956-
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  • Una política
    Muñoz, Gonzalo, 1956-
    Gonzalo Muñoz discusses three of the processes that Eugenio Dittborn uses in his work, indicating the presence of an intent and a strategy. The first is “the relief” created by the combination of drawing and photography in [...]
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  • Una sola línea para siempre
    Muñoz, Gonzalo, 1956-
    This text is about Lotty Rosenfeld’s work, beginning with Una milla de cruces sobre el pavimento [A Mile of Crosses on the Pavement]. In his essay, Gonzalo Muñoz discusses the interest that Rosenfeld’s action stirred up as a [...]
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