Creator: Lihn, Enrique, 1929-1988×
  • Reflexiones sobre un Ensayo de Jorge Elliott
    Lihn, Enrique, 1929-1988
    This is Enrique Lihn’s lengthy, emphatic review of “Abstracción y Figurativismo o el dilema de la expresividad en la pintura,” an essay by Jorge Elliot. Lihn is not out to discredit Elliot’s proposals, he wants to [...]
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  • Paz Errázuriz y el tango
    Lihn, Enrique, 1929-1988
    In this essay, Enrique Lihn discusses the Tango series of photographs by Paz Errázuriz, based on a review of the works of authors who have written about the origins and lyrics of this particular style of music and dance. Lihn claims that & [...]
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  • Ventana abierta al mundo de Antúnez
    Lihn, Enrique, 1929-1988
    In this essay, Enrique Lihn writes about the first period in Nemesio Antúnez’s career as an artist, ignoring what people usually say about his work in order to discuss “energetic contrasts.” It was during that early period ( [...]
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  • Pedro Millar
    Lihn, Enrique, 1929-1988
    This essay is a review by Enrique Lihn on Pedro Millar’s exhibition at the Instituto Cultural de Providencia, and it being part of the IV Bienal Americana del Grabado in Santiago, Chile in 1970. Lihn characterized Millar’s work as [...]
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  • Pedro Luna, el pintor
    Lihn, Enrique, 1929-1988
    Enrique Lihn imagines a dialogue between Pedro Luna’s work and what both Victor Carvacho and Antonio Romera have written about it. According to Lihn, Luna’s painting is inspired by a natural, instinctive feeling that is focused on form [...]
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  • El quebrantahuesos
    Lihn, Enrique, 1929-1988; Parra, Nicanor, 1914-2018; Jodorowsky, Alejandro, 1929-
    This was an interdisciplinary poetry project produced by Nicanor Parra in 1952. Parra worked with Enrique Lihn and Alejandro Jodorowsky to create Quebrantahuesos, a sheet of paper measuring 55 x 40 centimeters which they covered with newspaper [...]
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  • Palabras para la inauguración de una pequeña muestra retrospectiva de pintura chilena
    Lihn, Enrique, 1929-1988
    Enrique Lihn introduces an exhibition of Chilean painting that includes modern works. He discusses what it means for a viewer to relate to figurative or non-figurative (abstract) works. He claims that, when faced with a work of art that “ [...]
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