Creator: Roa, Raúl, 1907-1982×
  • Indagación: ¿qué debe ser el arte americano?
    Roa, Raúl, 1907-1982
    In this text, Raul Roa responds to the question that the editors of revista de avance posed to their readers: “What should American art be?” He specifically addresses each of the four sub-questions grouped under this larger question. To [...]
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  • Marti; Poeta Nuevo
    Roa, Raúl, 1907-1982
    In this essay, Raúl Roa García analyzes José Martí’s poetry, especially his “Versos sencillos,” to highlight their innovative and modernist nature. To begin with, he comments that Martí cannot be placed in any “lyrical school” or “ [...]
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