Creator: Quatorzevoltas, Ascânio Lopes, 1906-1929×
  • Manifesto do Grupo Verde de Cataguazes
    Rezende, Henrique Vieira de; Quatorzevoltas, Ascânio Lopes, 1906-1929; Fusco, Rosário, 1910; César, Guilhermino, 1908-; Soares, Camilo, 1909-; Peixoto, Francisco Inácio, 1909-; Fonte-Boa, Christóphoro; Mendes, Martins; Abritta, Oswaldo
    This is the text of the manifesto published by the Grupo Verde, a group from the small town of Cataguazes, in the region of Minas Gerais. It was originally printed on green paper, like a newsletter about the work of the members: Verde: revista mensal [...]
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