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  • A estética rica e a estética pobre dos professores francêses
    Souza, Gilda de Mello e
    In this text, professor Gilda Mello e Souza discusses the contribution that the work of Jean Maugüé, Claude Lévi-Strauss, and Roger Bastide—three French academics—made to the early stages of the Universidade de São Paulo (USP) founded in 1934 [...]
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  • Vanguarda e nacionalismo na década de vinte
    Souza, Gilda de Mello e
    This essay is about reaching a dead end in the nationalist project as well as the aesthetic requirements inherent in the avant-garde when modern art began to develop in Brazil. That development was launched with the 1917 exhibition by the painter [...]
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  • O desenho primitivo
    Souza, Gilda de Mello e
    This essay was written about the concept of “primitive drawing,” due to the imprecision of that expression. The writer Gilda de Mello e Souza bases her text on certain fundamental ideas of the sociologist Raymond Firth. His definition of “ [...]
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