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  • Cincuenta años del Museo de Bellas Artes de Caracas : aproximación a las colecciones del Museo de Bellas Artes de Caracas
    Peruga, Iris
    The curator Iris Peruga discusses the structure and content of the collection of works at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Caracas. She names artists and works, and links them to various key moments in the museum’s history. In her essay she talks about [...]
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  • Contenidos imposibles
    Peruga, Iris
    In her essay about the work of the Spanish-born Venezuelan artist Gabriel Morera, Iris Peruga provides a chronological timeline of his career, analyzing most of his works of art and suggesting that his work should be divided into four different [...]
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  • Gonzalo Fonseca : la soledad habitada
    Peruga, Iris
    The researcher Iris Peruga reviews the works created by the Uruguayan sculptor Gonzalo Fonseca over the course of two decades and assembled here for this one-man show. Peruga begins by mentioning the quality of the works that allude to invisible [...]
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  • Oscar Pellegrino : la materia como lenguaje
    Peruga, Iris
    The curator Iris Peruga developed a material reading of the work by the Venezuelan painter Oscar Pellegrino based on one of the main resources he used in the process of expressing himself: material substance. Her essay focuses on the link between the [...]
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  • Gego, el juego de crear
    Peruga, Iris
    This is an essay on Gego’s artwork published to accompany the exhibition, Desafiando Estructuras [Challenging Structures] (MACBA, Barcelona/Museu Serralves, Porto, Portugal, 2006) by Iris Peruga. It starts out with biographical information on the [...]
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  • Gego : el prodigioso juego de crear
    Peruga, Iris
    In this essay, Iris Peruga analyzes most of the work created by Gego between 1955 and 1990. The curator examines the similarities between Gego’s artwork and that of her contemporaries. Examining the artist’s relationship with the trends of [...]
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